5SOS Star Luke Hemmings So Excited He Can’t Contain Himself

5 Seconds of Summer star Luke Hemmings just cannot contain his excitement. Hemmings and his bandmates release their sophomore album tomorrow, October 23, which means that Luke’s fans will be able to get their hands on the new release in just a few hours time. It seems that the 19-year-old Australian star is just as excited about the release of Sounds Good, Feels Good as any fan is. Hemmings is using his social media accounts to give a countdown to the release, and it is fair to say that Luke is totally pumped.

It is widely known that Hemmings coined the name of 5 Seconds of Summer’s new album. Hemmings was working in the studio laying down a vocal track. Luke felt that he had it nailed, and he told the producer, “Yep, that’s it — sounds good, feels good.” Luke’s bandmates knew immediately that the new album had a name.

According to the Official Charts Company, Hemmings is convinced that the new offering is a major step forward for 5 Seconds of Summer. Luke feels that the album reflects the band’s growing maturity and shows a big improvement in their skills as songwriters.

“We’ve grown up and become better songwriters, I think. We toured a lot after the first album and just become more experienced about what we do and don’t want to do.

“Maybe people who didn’t like some of the deeper songs on the last album will like this one more. I think this one is better in all aspects.”

Luke has also revealed that his favorite track from the forthcoming release is a song called “Permanent Vacation.” Hemmings admits that the boys did not have to work too hard on that track because “the song just flowed out of us and wasn’t difficult to put together.”

Hemmings and his bandmates have been working incredibly hard to establish themselves as a bonafide pop-punk band. Luke feels that the band have been unfairly tagged with a “boy band” label. This is largely a hangover from when they supported label mates One Direction on tour. Hemmings and his mates feel that they are better than that — after all, they play their own instruments and write most of their own material. However, they still have credibility issues with sections of the music press.

The Guardian reminds us that Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer were awarded the “world’s worst band tag” in this year’s NME Awards. No matter what the boys do, the critics are split as to their opinions. 5 Seconds of Summer’s music has been described as “stupidly catchy” by one camp and as “blandness in it’s purest form” by the other.

What seems to be beyond doubt, however, is that Hemmings and his mates put on a great show. Their recent “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” tour won Hemmings and 5SOS a tranche of rave reviews and a legion of new fans. As the Master Herald points out, fans who attended the shows during the tour described it as “an amazing experience.”

There is little doubt that Hemmings and the rest of 5SOS have a great work ethic, so much so that Hemmings claims that his workload means that he has had to remain single. Hemmings lives a hectic lifestyle — with one tour just finished, the next is already in the pipeline. After a short break, a round of promotional appearances, award shows, and the next tour on the horizon, Luke simply does not have time for romance.

There have been reports that Hemmings and 5 Seconds of Summer have been feeling the pressure that stardom brings. Like One Direction, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum are regular gossip fodder, and their every move is scrutinized by both fans and the media. It is to be hoped that Luke Hemmings and his pals are able to learn from One Direction’s experiences and avoid the worst of what fame brings.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]