Michael Buble Says He Never Cheated On Emily Blunt

Michael Bublé and Emily Blunt haven’t been together since 2008, but new rumors have been popping up over the past month about how and why the relationship may have ended.

It all started because of a radio interview that Emily Blunt gave. She sat down with Howard Stern and, when asked about her breakup with singer Michael Bublé she responded in a way that many people found questionable. Stern specifically asked her if Bublé had ever been unfaithful, and rather than giving a yes or no, Blunt answered with an uncertain “I don’t know, it’s complicated.” Her response kind of made it sound like something had happened there.

She then went on to say that she just couldn’t talk about it, still referring to the alleged unfaithfulness of Bublé, who is eight years her senior. She did, however, say that the two had a great time together during their three-year relationship.

Michael Bublé has finally spoken up with his own perspective on the issue, and he denies that he ever cheated on Blunt. He told Entertainment Tonight Canada that the couple split because they simply just “weren’t right for each other.”

Whatever the reason for their breakup, it seems there aren’t any bad feelings left over on either side. Thought it may be awkward for Emily Blunt to address cheating rumors, she did reveal on the radio interview with Howard Stern that she still cares deeply for Bublé’s family.

During his interview with ET Canada, Michael Bublé also had some very sweet things to say about his ex-girlfriend. He said that Emily Blunt “is a beautiful and loving person” and even went on to say that he is grateful for the time he spent with her. It seemed Bublé learned a lot from their relationship, including how to value himself.

It’s been over ten years since Bublé and Blunt first started dating, and they have both moved on with their lives. Blunt is now 32 and has been married to The Office star John Krasinski for over five years. The two have a daughter together who is just under two-years-old.

Bublé, who told ET Canada that he believes he and Emily Blunt are now in the places they belong in their lives, is married to Luisana Lopilato. Luisana is an actress from Argentina, while Blunt is British. Buble and Lopilato have a two-year-old son named Noah together and are currently expecting their second child. Buble also revealed to the media today that their second child will be another boy.

Buble recently posted a photo of his wife and son on Instagram, seeming happier than ever with his family and life. In the caption, he called himself lucky to have Luisana as his children’s mother and even added the touching hashtag, “#wonthelottery.”

The rest of Michael Bublé’s interview moved past his relationship with Blunt and the rumors about how it ended, and focused more on his current life and family. He insinuated that his and Luisana’s second child might not even be their last. Bublé admitted that since his son Noah is now two, he’s already missing having a baby around, and he wouldn’t mind continuing to go through the baby phase with other children in the future.

However, he is keeping his expectations realistic and followed that statement up with another, saying that he may be saying something different after he truly experiences what it’s like taking care of two children at once.

[Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty images]