'Becoming Beyoncé' Book By J. Randy Taraborrelli Says Beyoncé And Jay Z Broke Up In 2005 Amid Cheating Rumors With 17-Year-Old Rihanna

The new book titled Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story — to be released on October 27, and written by celebrity journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli — is causing plenty of buzz online because of what it claims about Beyoncé. In the new book, Beyoncé is revealed to have believed rumors of Jay Z cheating on her in 2005 with 17-year-old Rihanna, reports In Touch Weekly.

Indeed, with a birthdate of February 20, 1988, Rihanna -- now 27 years of age -- was only a 17-year-old when Jay began taking her around on the talk show circuit to perform her first "Pon De Replay" song. Jay joked about telling Rihanna there was only one way she'd be leaving without signing, over the balcony or elsewhere -- with Mr. Carter borrowing a line from a popular Tyler Perry movie at the time.

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Beyoncé wasn't sure if she could trust Jay, claims the new book, even if Jay did claim that the rumors of his affair with Rihanna were simply buzz and a marketing strategy created simply to bring attention to Rihanna. However, Beyoncé fans simply need listen to the lyrics of many Beyoncé songs to know that Beyoncé sings the lyrics of a woman who's been cheated on.

"You decided to dip, now you want to trip because another brother noticed me."

"Because you were untrue, rolling her around in the car that I bought you."

"I know that she is attractive, but I was here first. Now I've got to look her in her eye and realize that she's had half of me. She ain't half of me. That whack b**** will never be."

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In the book's description on the Hachette Book Group's page, Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story is pegged as tracking Beyoncé's rise from girl group member to superstar, and all highs and pitfalls such a journey can entail. But it's the excerpts that are gaining plenty of attention, with rumors of cheating, the infamous elevator incident, and even nanny rules.

"Beyoncé Knowles is a woman who began her career at the age of eight performing in pageant shows and talent contests, honing her craft through her teenage years until, at the age of 16, she had her first number one record with Destiny's Child. That hit-making trio launched Beyoncé's successful solo career, catapulting her, as of 2014, to #1 on Forbes annual list of most wealthy celebrities--the same year she made the cover of Time. BECOMING BEYONCÉ is not only the story of struggle, sacrifice, and what it takes to make it in the cut-throat record industry, it's the story of the great rewards of such success and the devastating toll it often takes on the human spirit."
Beyoncé grabbed clothing tape to use as an impromptu corset when she wanted a smaller waist, reports HeatWorld. It was a move that Beyoncé's mom decried, and left Beyoncé actually wailing when it was time to remove the tape. Those are the innocent type of excerpts from the biography that are making the rounds, but it's the talk of Beyoncé and Jay's infamous "elevator throw down" as Solange attacked Jay, as seen in the video from TMZ, that once again put Rihanna's name at the center of controversy. According to In Touch, the fight happened because Jay wanted to attend a MET Gala afterparty hosted by Rihanna by himself, instead of going home with Beyoncé -- and that's when Solange reportedly launched into action to defend her sister.

As reported by Radar Online, Beyoncé has spelled out her nanny rules in a "Daily Program for Blue Ivy as per Mrs. Carter," which alleges the power couple use up to three nannies at once. Those nannies must clean chicken coops and perform other menial tasks -- but all the while making sure they only place their purses and bags on the floor, not on the counter, or else Beyoncé will reportedly freak out. With those juicy excerpts already causing buzz, Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story should sell well.

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