Alexis Bellino Claims Andy Cohen Didn’t Read Entire Email On ‘RHOC’ Reunion

Alexis Bellino hasn’t been on The Real Housewives of Orange County for a few years now, but it sounds like she is still hung up on everything that happened on the show. Alexis was accused of being too flashy with her lifestyle, and her co-stars couldn’t quite figure out whether she was bragging about her life, or just focusing too much on material things. Gretchen Rossi tried to explain this to her during a cast trip, but Bellino was heartbroken.

Plus, Alexis Bellino didn’t exactly get along with Tamra Barney. The two argued quite a bit, and Barney often used her religious lifestyle to mock Alexis. The infamous comment, “Jesus Jugs,” stuck, and fans started calling Bellino that name. These days, Barney — with her breast implants and surgeries over the years — could easily fit that nickname. So when Bellino saw Tamra getting involved with Christianity, she had to say something. And she wrote an email to Andy Cohen to be read out loud at the reunion special.

According to a new Bravo report, Alexis Bellino is now revealing that Andy Cohen didn’t read out her entire email to Tamra. The parts that were read seemed judgmental, and Alexis feels bad about it. Of course, Bellino didn’t think that Tamra was being honest about her spiritual journey, and she wanted to let her thoughts be known. Of course, Bellino and Barney have a past, where Barney judged Bellino for being a Jesus freak on heels. Now, many feel that she is a walking contradiction.

“I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart,” Alexis Bellino wrote on Instagram after the reunion aired, adding, “Tamra Barney, I’m sorry for sounding judgmental. Andy did not read this part of my email, ‘I truly hope Tamra has found the Lord because He will be the most invaluable precious thing she will ever have in life.’ THAT is my heart.”

“God is a God of miracles, so I was hopeful and praying He would call the person who criticized me the most for my faith to His Kingdom one day. I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart,” Bellino reveals on her Instagram account.

It sounds like Bellino doesn’t want to be judged for her comments on the reunion special. It is interesting that Andy didn’t read out the entire email. The parts he did read did come across as judgmental, but more because the support wasn’t shared. Alexis wants her followers to know that she didn’t judge Tamra the way Tamra judged her a few years ago.

Of course, Alexis Bellino does have plenty of other things going on in her life, meaning she can’t be too concerned about Barney. According to Radar Online, Bellino was recently mentioned in a lawsuit when a woman decided to sue the family over business. Tisha Harman is suing Alexis and Jim over Sky Zone, their business. Tisha claims the business isn’t safe and that she sustained injuries due to negligence on the part of Jim and Alexis. She claims everything could have been avoided if the couple had taken the proper precautions. No word on where this lawsuit stands today.

What did you think of Alexis Bellino’s email to Tamra? Did you think it was judgmental or fair?

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