One Direction Perfect EP With Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne Remix And New Song ‘Home’ Drop Out Of Nowhere

A Perfect EP by One Direction (as distinct from the ‘Perfect’ single)? Yes it is here.

In addition to all-new track ‘Home’, the One Direction Perfect EP contains a tropical house remix of ‘Perfect’ (the ‘Matoma remix’, by Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma), a stripped-down version of ‘Perfect’ that highlights the guy’s voices (‘Perfect – Stripped’) and a hilariously named ‘Big Payno’ remix of former One Direction hit ‘Drag Me Down’ (of course Big Payno refers to Liam Payne, and LunchMoney Lewis is a Miami rapper who contributes some colorful lines to the track, referencing Nando’s and Simon Cowell and dropping the n-word twice, and even playing off his own relatively unknown status by declaring “1D lemme get some of them fans though”).

Fans appear to be enjoying the explicit take on uplifting fan favorite ‘Drag Me Down’, which boasted a video filmed at NASA.

Sugarscape first reported on the new One Direction EP this hour and accurately observed that fans are ‘losing their s***’.

MTV has provided a track by track breakdown of the Perfect EP, taking the time to note such subtleties as the break in Louis Tomlinson’s voice when he sings the first verse of ‘Perfect’ (audible only to careful listeners of the stripped version – the break is hardly discernible in the single mix), the strings in the bridge of new track ‘Home’ (which will not be appearing on the new One Direction album Made In The AM and has been received well by fans to a degree that belies its B side-ish status, with many declaring that they prefer ‘Home’ to ‘Infinity’, the previously-released gift-to-the-fans track which made it onto the album) and Harry Styles’ impressive high notes in the bridge of ‘Home’ (Harry stepped in to sing many of Zayn Malik’s parts after Malik left the group).

The Perfect EP surprised many when it appeared on the same day that the much-anticipated video for ‘Perfect’ was released. The guys have been busy, dropping releases left, right and center as they continue to travel almost constantly as part of the One Direction On The Road Again tour.

Watch ‘Perfect’ here:

It’s been such a big twenty-four hours for One Direction, with last night’s On The Road Again Belfast show cancelled after Liam Payne was taken ill, as reported by the BBC. Add to that a new video and new EP dropping suddenly, and you have a recipe for a very frazzled and excited fan base. Fans are even speculating (perhaps hysterically) that Louis Tomlinson’s baby may have been born:

For his part Louis Tomlinson just tweeted some lyrics from the new song and coyly added an icon showing a house (for ‘Home’).

How are you liking the new One Direction Perfect EP for Spotify? What do you think of collaborators LunchMoney Lewis and tropical house DJ/producer Matoma? Is Liam Payne a good re-mix artist? Let us know.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]