'Pretty Little Liars' Star Lucy Hale Attacked On Instagram For Being Ugly

Lucy Hale is just one of the lovely ladies that makes up the cast of Pretty Little Liars and it's hard to believe that anyone could find fault with the PLL star's looks, but everyone has their share of haters and Ms. Hale is no different. In spite of the brutal nastiness of the comments left for Lucy on her Instagram posts, the Pretty Little Liars actress rose above it all with the grace and maturity of a true champion.

Lucy Hale Responds To Instagram Attacks

The latest bit of drama for Lucy Hale came on Instagram, not on Pretty Little Liars, and while the hater wasn't quite as mysterious as the formerly enigmatic A, the pain of being attacked in such a public forum must surely have stung Lucy. Hale received a comment on one of her uploaded photos that stated she was ugly and that she should die, leaving little interpretation as to how this individual feels about the PLL star.

Design & Trend reported that Ms. Hale responded to the comment with a new post that featured the words "You can totally sit with me," a reference to Mean Girls (2004) in which the cool clique of girls tells the new girl "You can't sit with us."

Ms. Hale should be commended for rising above the hate after being subjected to such cruelty, when most of us would certainly have chosen to retaliate with equally harmful words. Lucy also shared the incident with her Twitter followers.The Pretty Little Liars star received enough support from her followers to prove that one hater's words mean little, as her Twitter post received 5,000 favorites and 2,000 retweets.Pretty Little Liars Gives Lucy Hale A New Love Interest

Aria Montgomery, played by Hale, will finally be legal, as far as her romance with professor turned entrepreneur Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), but that seems to be too little too late, since the often criticized relationship has fizzled away and lost its appeal for even the most die-hard Ezria shippers.

Even five years later, which is where (or when) the time jump will take us, Aria and Ezra have yet to reconcile and although Hale wouldn't comment on whether or not her Pretty Little Liars character would reconcile with Mr. Fitz, she did share a sense of relief, knowing that, if there was a romantic rekindling between the two PLL characters, they would both be of legal age.

"It's finally not creepy!" Lucy Hale told People magazine. "We love it."

Aria has definitely moved on from her life in Rosewood, as was revealed in a clip from Pretty Little Liars 6B season, and it appears that Hale's character has followed her literary ambitions and published her first book. Yet, there seems to be some history still lingering between Aria and Ezra, which can be felt as Lucy's character eyes a book written by her ex-lover.

While there does seem to be something unresolved, Ms. Hale revealed that her Pretty Little Liars character has moved on in more ways than one, revealing that Aria has found a new love interest.

"That's what happens, you break up with the person you love, you go in different directions, and so I don't really know what their contact was in those five years. I want to say they probably didn't talk at all, because there is a scene in an episode back where she realizes he's back in town and you can tell there's still that butterflies-in-her-stomach feeling. But she's in a relationship, she's very happy and in love."
Lucy Hale is keeping the identity of her new heartthrob quit, so fans will have to wait for the premiere of Pretty Little Liars season 6B to find out more about Aria's life, which will air on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 on ABC Family.

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