Voxel Adventure MMO ‘Trove’ Now Live With Player Marketplace, Trove Of Wonders

Today’s Trove update gives players the chance to buy and sell much easier than ever before. Instead of constantly having to meet up with sellers and buyers at a Trading Post to make a person to person trade, Trovians can now use the in-game Marketplace to buy and sell their goods. Players can open the Marketplace anywhere in the world by simply pressing “U” giving them access to sales of mounts, ships, wings, allies, and nearly everything else found in Trove.

Players can use the Marketplace to sell their unwanted goods or to purchase that hard-to-find item they just could not manage to locate previously. As the official Trove site notes, players can buy and sell their items for a number of currencies. The seller chooses what type of currency they will accept as payment and they can select from Flux, Glim, Chaos Chests, Pentaforged Souls, and more.


Shadow Towers vaunt leaderboards, unique rewards, and either normal or hard modes of challenging content. The Lunar Lancer is still the latest class to be added to Trove that also adds a brand new weapon type to the game. Lunar Lancers use spears to poke and prod their foes while also being able to toss it for a little mobility. The Lunar Lancer’s ultimate ability lets a giant spear rain down from the sky causing superior area-of-effect damage to enemies unfortunate enough to be in its path.

Trove is a free-to-play game with optional Patron subscription available via the in-game store. The store includes many items like costumes, Chaos Chests, mounts, and more. Some items in the store can even be purchased with Cubits, a currency earned in-game each day. The optional Patron status boosts the players’ jump, magic find, and even grants them several Chaos Factor which rewards them with free Chaos Chests each day. New players can start adventuring today by downloading the game from Steam or from the official Trove website.

What’s the first thing you will try to buy or sell in the Trove Marketplace?

[Images via Trove]