WWE Rumors: Top Five Rumors For John Cena’s Mystery Opponent At ‘Hell In A Cell’ – NXT Star Making Huge Debut?

It’s well known by now that John Cena is going away soon, and he’ll be away from WWE television for around two months. Ever since moving away from his feud with Seth Rollins, he’s been without a solid program and he kind of needs to drop the United States Title before he takes time off. Well, he now has issued the U.S. Open Challenge at Hell In A Cell and here are the top rumors for his mystery opponent.

The United States Title has really gotten back a lot of its prestige in the past year and honestly, John Cena is a big reason for that. He is a main event level talent that has defended the title on a very regular basis and had some great matches to boot.

Now, who does he pass the title off to while he’s gone? Will that person be able to give it the same respect that it deserves? Well, it looks like it may end up being one of these men who will take on the role of Cena’s mystery opponent at Hell In A Cell.

wwe rumors hell in a cell john cena us title dean ambrose

Dean Ambrose is now without a match at Hell In A Cell after Randy Orton’s injury, and he’s truly deserving of the title. Cena and Ambrose have had good matches together in the past and a clean win over the champ would do a lot to elevate the star who could take his spot as a top face while Cena is out.

wwe rumors heel turn dolph ziggler

It had been rumored for a while that Dolph Ziggler would take the U.S. Title from Cena at the PPV and turn heel as well. Then, as reported on WWE, Ziggler was placed in a six-man tag match at Hell In A Cell, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still step up and accept Cena’s challenge.

wwe rumors hell in a cell tyler breeze john cena

For quite some time now, Tyler Breeze has been rumored to be coming up to the main roster. Wrestling Inc. reported that it’s quite possible it could happen this week as ideas are in place and even an entrance video has already been created for him.

As has been the case with NXT talent coming up to the main roster, they’ve all made some pretty big and immediate impacts. Tyler Breeze making his debut and defeating John Cena for the U.S. Title at Hell In A Cell would be huge for him.

xavier woods hell in a cell john cena

For a while there, it really appeared as if the title change was going to happen to someone in The New Day, but never did. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Xavier Woods capture the title with some outside help from his friends and give The New Day another title and even more power.

daniel bryan hell in a cell john cena rumors

No one really has any idea when or even if Daniel Bryan will return to fight in a WWE ring, but could you imagine the pop if he walked out on Sunday night? Within the last month, Bryan himself said that WWE doctors wouldn’t clear him to return even though his own doctors had done so.

Maybe something has changed in the last couple of weeks and the former WWE Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion who had to give up both belts could go for another title.

Other names have been thrown around such as Finn Balor, Rusev, Cesaro, or even Braun Strowman, but these five seem to be getting the most attention. There are a lot of names on the WWE main roster or on NXT’s roster who could step up to the challenge on Sunday.

John Cena is going to give up the U.S. Title very soon and Hell In A Cell seems as good a place as any to do it. His time off means it’s someone else’s chance to become a fighting champion and rumors are circulating that one of these stars may end up taking it.

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