‘Real Housewives’ Fans Gasp As Briana Reveals Vicki Called Her A Liar About Brooks’ Behavior

Just when fans didn’t think the Real Housewives of Orange County Brooks Ayers situation could get any seedier, a preview was shown for next week’s reunion show that made folks around the world gag and exclaim ewwww. And now everyone realizes that maybe Brooks and Vicki were the perfect couple. In part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culbertson, reveals what she really thinks of Brooks Ayers, and how her mother had Brooks’ back, and not hers.

As the Inquisitr reported, RHOC Vicki Gunvalson finally copped to lying and will at least consider that Brooks Ayers lied about having cancer to deflect from his various dirty deeds. It’s hard to imagine that Gunvalson can come back next year without spending more time talking about her loser ex and who knew what when. Most fans think it’s time for her to exit stage left.

Radaronline says that, luckily, Briana Culbertson has decided not to go quietly and is finally putting it all out on the table when it comes to mom’s creepy ex. It seems Brooks Ayers is threatening to sue yet another woman who has called him out for being dishonest and revolting. But that won’t happen, because then folks who know how to read medical records could verify what’s really been going on, including Culbertson, who is a nurse. On the next episode of the reunion, Culbertson revealed that the nail in Ayers’ coffin for her was when he hit on Briana at Vicki’s birthday party when Briana was pregnant, and bragged to her about the alleged size of his genitalia, saying that people call him “Girth Brooks.”

“But Culberson claimed she’s not scared, ‘because he doesn’t remember hitting on me while I was pregnant at my mom’s birthday party!’

“He’s done worse s**t that’s never even been exposed on the show,” she claimed in a post. “He’s a loser. … He’s nuts! … All that matters is … he is GONE!”

When Culbertson told her mother, she called her a liar. Ayers says he can’t wait to destroy Culbertson, to which she replied “bring it!”

Entertainment Tonight reports that they are still shaking their heads at the recent revelation that Ayers was hitting on the friends and family of Gunvalson. While she was so loyal to him, she turned on everyone else.

“Brooks would do something terrible when my mom was on the other side of the room or in a different room,” Culberson alleges. “He hit on me when I was pregnant at [my mom’s] birthday party, and I told her that he did it, and she called me a liar and said that he would never want me.”

Gunvalson now says she believes her daughter, but she didn’t at the time.

“He wanted to show me his ween-ween,” Culberson claims. “He told me it was really big and that his nickname was ‘Girth Brooks.'”

Even the jaded women of Real Housewives were shocked by this transgression. Meghan Edmonds lifted her jaw up off of the floor long enough to comment.

“That’s messed up.”

It seems Gunvalson has now decided to try to mend fences with her daughter, but at the reunion, she seemed reluctant to apologize to the other women.

Can you imagine taking the side of a significant other over your child? Will you watch the Real Housewives reunion, part two?

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