‘The Walking Dead’s’ Melissa McBride On Carol’s Breakout Episode

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from episode 602, “JSS,” of AMC’s The Walking Dead.]

Melissa McBride’s character Carol owned last night’s episode of The Walking Dead. She swapped her homemade cookies and housewife outfit for militant gear and blood.

The second episode of Season 6 showed the chaos that was unravelling in Alexandria while Rick Grimes and his gang were battling the walkers outside the community’s walls. The beginning of the episode showed Carol (Melissa McBride) talking to other housewives about recipes and pasta makers. As the Wolves took over the once cozy town, Carol ditched her “Suzie homemaker” act for more of a militant cover. She disguised herself as one of the Wolves in an effort to save the community.

Melissa McBride has been talking about Carol’s heroic — and already iconic — episode. The Hollywood Reporter calls it “Carol’s big coming out episode.” It’s a contrast to the scared and timid Carol that was featured in Season 1 of The Walking Dead. McBride was asked whether or not Carol will go back to her homemaker act once she found out.

“Carol was doing that sort of thing before this happened. It’s twofold – she was playing that disguise but I’m sure there’s a part of Carol that does not want normalcy. Everything she said about being in the kitchen when she was depressed and how it gave her something to think about besides everything that made her sad. There genuinely is a desire to have that feeling again.”

Actor Norman Reedus interrupted Melissa McBride’s interview with ComicBook. Prior to his “interview-bomb,” McBride said that was only one episode that fans get to see Carol’s badass-ness. That could mean that there will be more bomb scenes of Carol in the near future. When McBride was asked whether or not she would like to see Carol fall in love with Daryl, she said to ask what Norman Reedus thinks!

The actor, who plays fan favorite Daryl, joked, “You mean on camera or off camera?” The interviewer asked, “Why not both?”

“Well, I mean off camera we’re pretty hot and heavy already, so it’ll probably bleed onto camera at some point. I can’t get her out of my trailer, you know what I mean? She’s a cute chick! You know what I mean? I’ve been making googley eyes at her since season one.”

This cute banter between Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus will definitely satisfy Carol and Daryl fans. But fans have been worried about the future of McBride’s character. Some are thinking that she be killed off by the end of Season 6, especially since she’s already been so heavily featured.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has warned fans several times that no one is safe on the popular AMC series, not even Rick Grimes, the star of the show. He did let it slip at last week’s New York Comic Con by saying that they won’t be killing off Melissa McBride’s increasingly popular character.

During his interview, Kirkman revealed that it would be kind of crazy to kill off Carol since she’s getting stronger and better with each episode, despite all of the crazy things that have been going on around her. It’s obvious that McBride and Carol have quickly become a fan favorite on the show. Not to mention, Carol has also become sort of a feminist icon for a series that’s heavily geared towards men.

The 36-year-old comic book writer even asked the crowd if they want Melissa McBride’s character to die. The crowd screamed a resounding “No!” although a few “yeses” were also heard, according to the Vulture.

This is great news for both Carol fans and McBride herself, who revealed in an interview with Fast Company earlier this year that Season 3 was meant to be her last season.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead? Have you enjoyed seeing the development of Melissa McBride’s character, like everyone else has? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]