Tamra Judge Defends Son Ryan Vieth, Posts Happy Photo Of Him And Sarah Rodriguez With Daughter After They Lash Out At One Another On Instagram

Days after Ryan Vieth and Sarah Rodriguez apparently broke up and lashed out at one another on social media, everything now seems to be fine between them. At least, that's the perception from looking at Tamra Judge's Instagram page. On Monday, the Real Housewives of Orange County star posted a photo of her son and Sarah hanging out together with their infant daughter, Ava Ryan.

Tamra's photo shows Ryan and Sarah looking on as their daughter crawls on a blanket. Tamra proudly boasted that it won't be long before her 8-month old granddaughter starts walking.


While Tamra's photo received some positive comments, it also received a lot of negative ones. Tamra hit back at one person who asked if Ryan and Sarah have jobs yet.

"Of course. Why would you even ask that. He had a job the week he moved down here. Do you have a job...actually I don't care."
Tamra also denied the tabloid reports that Ryan has another child with a different woman.
"That was a rumor cuz he had a dog named Dakota and tabloids reported it was his baby."
Tamra did thank one fan who said that it's wrong for people to ask such personal questions and make assumptions, including rumors that Sarah isn't letting Ryan see Ava and that they don't have jobs. Tamra commented that people think they know what's going on because they read things on a blog.
"Thank you! People think they know it all cuz they read it on a blog. Lol."
Tamra also said that Ryan loves his baby and that people just want to find the bad in others.

Some people's negative perception of Ryan and Sarah may not be surprising to some because of how they've been portrayed on Real Housewives. Last season, Ryan told Tamra that he was quitting his job at her and Eddie Judge's gym, CUT Fitness, to be with Sarah, whom he had met a few months earlier through Instagram. At Tamra's insistence, she met Sarah, a gun owner with a gun business and three daughters, over dinner. Later that same night, Tamra dissolved into hysterics after Ryan and Sarah sprung the news that they already decided to get married and have children together.

Earlier in Season 10, Ryan was shown behaving grumpily and stressed out over his responsibilities. He confessed to his mom that the dramatic change in his life, going from a single man to an engaged one with a baby and four stepdaughters to take care of, was harder to adjust to than expected. When Tamra admitted to Eddie that she gave Ryan and Sarah $8,000 to help them move to a new place, Eddie demanded that she treat the money as a loan and maintained that he won't be taking care of a grown man and his family.

As recently as a few days ago, Tamra confirmed that Ryan is still stressed out.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ryan Vieth was arrested in June for domestic violence. Tamra Judge defended her son, stating in an Instagram message that there are two sides to every story, no violence was involved and all charges were eventually dropped. Tamra added that her son and Sarah Rodriguez were going through counseling.

Yet, it seems Ryan and Sarah are still having trouble. Starcasm reported earlier last week that Ryan and Sarah got into a bit of an Instagram feud after Ryan blasted Sarah for having children by four different men and using the domestic violence arrest as a way to prevent him from seeing their daughter. Sarah responded by stating that she won't keep making excuses for his behavior and that she's moving on from the relationship.

"I gave it my one shot last time. Now it's time to move on."
Sarah also called Ryan "a bully."
"Thank you for all who sent me messages warning me of what A particular someone has to say about me. However I don't really care what he is saying. He was a bully to my face and I only expect him to be a bully behind my back. #takeresponsibilityforyouractions."
In response to one person who accused him of being abusive and doing nothing, Ryan said that people don't know what his life is like just from watching Real Housewives.
"You literally have no clue what my life is really like...You watch a reality tv show biased on drama, we get paid for drama...You know nothing of the truth. I work my ass off, sometimes 12 hours a day to provide of Sarah and all the girls. And end the end I'm left with nothing but a empty wallet just to do it all over again the next month. So mind your own f***ing business and talk your s*** on someone else's page."
Sarah Rodriguez's Instagram page has since been deleted and Ryan Vieth's Instagram page has been set to private. Perhaps Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County will show Tamra Judge doing what she can to keep her granddaughter's parents together?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]