Love Ranch Worker Distraught Over Odom Reported Missing Is Found Safe

Just when you thought the Love Ranch brothel couldn’t get any more attention, one of their girls reportedly disappeared. Bunny Lain, a legal prostitute who has been reported to have spent the days leading up to Lamar Odom’s suspected overdose with the former Laker, has gone missing. This is being reported by the International Business Times and is based on statements released by Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof.

So what’s going on? Is the rabbit hole surrounding Odom’s mysterious condition, which has led to accusations of illicit drug use by Odom and theft by Love Ranch employees, getting even deeper?

Bunny Lain

According to Hof, Bunny Lain hadn’t been seen since Saturday, prompting concern from fellow co-workers and friends. The Love Ranch working girl was one of the ladies who spent considerable time with Odom prior to his being found unconscious and unresponsive at the legal Nevada brothel on October 13. Reports indicate that she was hysterical and inconsolable following Odom’s hospitalization, to the point others were afraid to leave her alone in her emotional state. It’s said that she distanced herself from people when things were looking their bleakest for Odom, and she was last seen in Las Vegas in the morning hours of the 17th.

“Bunny was extremely distraught over the unfortunate Lamar experience and could not quit crying for days.”

Fortunately, during the drafting of this article, TMZ is reporting that the Love Ranch employee has been found safe. She apparently decided to get out of the spotlight by going to stay with family. This news comes as a relief to Love Ranch co-workers and employers, as well as Bunny’s family and friends. The Love Ranch employee was not the one who found Odom, nor was she the one who called 911, but she’d reportedly spent some considerable time with him during his $75K spree at the brothel.

“11:00 AM PST — We just spoke with a friend of Bunny’s who says she is safe with family, and is choosing to stay off the radar.”

The Love Ranch has spent a lot of time in the spotlight since former NBA star Odom was found clinging to life in one of the brothel’s luxury suites last week. Owner Dennis Hof has been accused of trying to milk the situation for publicity by Odom’s estranged in-laws, the influential Kardashian family. Love Ranch owner Hof in turn told the famous family to “go to hell” while continuing his Lamar Odom media blitz.

Love Ranch Owner

So what’s next for the Love Ranch? So far, the brothel appears to be on the up-and-up. Of course, things could get dicey if it’s discovered that Odom was dong illegal drugs on the premises, which has been alluded to. While Hof has been adamant that illicit drugs aren’t allowed at the Love Ranch or any of his brothels, there have been reports that Odom may have used cocaine while at the brothel. This could cause legal trouble for Hof. While details have been moot on what might be done if it’s discovered that illegal drugs were in use at the brothel and employees were aware of it, you can’t imagine it’d be a good situation for Hof, the Love Ranch, or the girls who were present when it went on.

Could this be part of the reason for Bunny Lain’s disappearance?

Dennis Hof reported to the media, by all accounts, that he believed she’d taken off in grief/distress over Odom’s medical condition. However, by Saturday morning, when he reported she’d last been seen, Lamar Odom had shown signs of marked improvement following his Love Ranch presumed overdose. It’s been reported that by Friday, Odom had regained consciousness and even spoke. This information was all over the media, which has been following Odom’s condition closely.

So why choose Saturday to take off? Could the fact that it looks like Odom is going to be a believable eyewitness to the events leading up to his suspected overdose have something to do with the Love Ranch employee taking off? It’s been reported almost since the news broke of his collapse that local police obtained a search warrant for the athlete’s blood in order to run toxicology tests, the results of which aren’t expected for weeks.

Right now, the truth surrounding the Love Ranch employee’s sudden hiatus remains to be seen. Regardless of why she truly decided to get away from it all, knowing that Bunny Lain was safely located is a relief. The future of the Love Ranch will likely become clearer as the details continue to unfold.

[Image Courtesy: Alex Wong/Getty Images]