Leah Messer Thrilled About ‘Actual’ Quality Time With Her Daughters

Leah Messer is not a very public person. Despite being famous from Teen Mom, this mother of three isn't exactly an open reality star. Messer shares her life when the Teen Mom cameras are around, but when she isn't filming, Leah isn't sharing much. Her Twitter account is essentially silent most of the time, and her Facebook fan page is run by her friends. Leah rarely posts anything about her life on social media.

Instead, Leah Messer is trying to rebuild her life after her second divorce. It is no secret that Leah didn't want to divorce Jeremy Calvert, but he had given up on her and their relationship long before she had to chance to fix it. Jeremy supported her decision to get help and attend rehab, but he wasn't keen on working things out once she returned. They now share custody of their daughter.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now revealing that she spent some quality time with her daughters over the weekend, and she enjoyed the time they had together. Apparently, Messer is too busy with appointments and split custody to have her daughters together in one place. But that happened over the weekend, and Leah was thrilled.

"There's nothing like actually having actual QUALITY time with my girls, for once. We aren't running around to apts but INSTEAD..We are having a fun filled weekend together l. ENJOYING each other as a family. At the end of the day that's what matters most #memories," Leah tweeted over the weekend, pointing out that she had been spending lots of quality time with her family and her daughters over the weekend.

It is interesting that Leah points out that they don't run around to various appointments. It is possible that she is referring to her daughter, Ali, who is struggling with muscular dystrophy. Messer has taken her to various appointments while filming Teen Mom, and it is possible that the appointments continue. Some social media followers are more than eager to support the mother of three, as she gets her life back on track after a second divorce.

"You are doin great hang in there dont let noone get u down!!!" one follower wrote to Leah, while another added, "Please ignore the negativity directed at you from people who really don't have a clue about your life! #ignore stupidity." But some Teen Mom fans are not pleased with the way Leah Messer has handled herself over the past couple of months. Leah denied abusing drugs, even though she was passing out while filming the show. Plus, Messer was never really open and honest about her struggles with her ex-husband, Corey Simms. Corey really wanted some answers from her, but he never got them. This caused a tension-filled reunion, where he confronted her. It was during the reunion where fans learned of Leah's safe word: monkey. "If you 'monkey' through your issues you aren't going to fix a thing. Lay off Miranda. She owes you NOTHING," one person wrote, attacking Leah, while another added, "Leah please get yourself an education."Even though Leah Messer is rather quiet on social media, she does share her thoughts when she doesn't agree with something. On a previous episode of Teen Mom, Leah used Twitter to explain her thoughts on Jeremy and Corey meeting up while she was in treatment. The two sat down to discuss Messer's health, but Leah doesn't think that meeting happened organically. She revealed that Corey and Jeremy actually dislike one another. According to the IB Times, Messer also revealed that she doesn't like Corey and his wife, Miranda. Clearly, this family is still plagued by tension and disagreements.

What do you think of Leah Messer spending some quality time with her kids?

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