Kim Zolciak Still Wants Back On ‘DWTS’: ‘I Must Listen To Myself And My Body’

Kim Zolciak is back to being a mother of six these days, and her stint on Dancing With The Stars ended like so many other housewives -- long before her time. Clearly, Zolciak had more energy and sass when it came to dancing, and she was working hard on not being the underdog. But a mini-stroke stopped everything for Zolciak.

After performing during Week 2, Kim Zolciak wasn't feeling right. She jumped on a plane to go back to Atlanta, and as soon as she landed, her side went numb. She couldn't speak, and her family rushed her to the hospital. Zolciak was diagnosed with a mini-stroke, also known as a TIA, and was admitted to the hospital. Despite being in the hospital, Kim continued to learn how to dance, and she was ready to get back on the dance floor. But her doctor told her not to fly, and she couldn't make it back in time for the program Monday night.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now reflecting on her time on Dancing With The Stars, and this former contestant clearly wants back on the show. Kim had to leave because she couldn't fly after her mini-stroke, and the judges made absolutely no arrangements or exceptions. Kim was out of the competition, and she was devastated. But it sounds like she still thinks about the time she competed with her dance partner, Tony.

Zolciak revealed the above on Instagram, adding that it was the right decision to stay home in Atlanta.

There were many speculations as to what caused her mini-stroke. Kim Zolciak is often trying new protein drinks, and she has been wearing a waist trainer. Many of her followers know that she might have gone a little too far with the waist trainer, and there were quickly speculations as to what could have caused her stroke. But Kim quickly learned from the doctors that she had a hole in her heart that caused the stroke -- not the waist trainer. And after much speculation, Kim set the record straight on Instagram.

"Good morning!!!! You guys know I love my @nowaistclique waist trainer, I have heard all sorts of ppl commenting on 'what might have caused my mini stroke' let me be real clear, I am a very healthy woman who takes great care of myself, however I was born with PFO (a hole in my heart) which enabled a clot to cross over and stop oxygen to my brain for a very short time in turn causing me to have a TIA, I will be having heart surgery to repair it," Kim Zolciak revealed, according to E! News, adding, "By no means did my waist trainer cause my blood clot or my TIA. I would never use anything nor promote anything that I personally didn't love or something that was dangerous. I LOVE LIFE WAY TOO MUCH! and I have a whole lotta living to do. #KeepItTight #Hourglass #CommentRudeIBlockYou #HeartAwareness #THANKYOUFORALLYOURPRAYERS."

Even though many have speculated that Zolciak suffered from the stroke because of her unhealthy ways, Kim is determined to stay healthy with six children that depend on her. Kroy Biermann is back on the field in Atlanta, and may not be able to support her as much these days.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak still dreaming of Dancing With The Stars? Do you think she was cheated out of an opportunity?

[Image via Instagram]