Vicki Gunvalson Posts Tweet Promoting Daughter Briana Culberson As 'RHOC' Housewife

Will Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County show Briana Culberson in the opening credits not just as Vicki Gunvalson's daughter, but a starring housewife in her own right, alongside her mother? It seems that Vicki believes that her daughter will be a great addition to the cast.

On Saturday, Vicki retweeted a blogger's tweet that stated that Briana needs to become a full-time housewife on the show.

The tweet links to an article on the blogger's site explaining why Briana should hold an orange herself. The blogger wrote that Briana has not been afraid of confronting and calling out her mother's now ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. The blogger also wrote that Briana has not been afraid to tell things as they are, on everything from her mother's sometimes outrageous behavior, to the difficulties of juggling a career, children, and a husband.

The blogger's suggestion that Briana should be a starring housewife next season received mixed comments. Some people wrote that Briana would be a refreshing addition to the cast, while others said that Briana's role would just consist of her rebelling against and fighting with her mother.

Long-time viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County have watched Briana Culberson grow up before their eyes. She has regularly been shown on the show in scenes with her mother, the self-proclaimed "OG of the OC." In the span of Vicki Gunvalson's 10 years on the show, Briana has gone from high school teenager, to a wife and mother of two young sons. Viewers watched as she announced to Vicki that she was getting married to Ryan Culberson, a marine.

Last season, viewers saw Briana and Ryan, now with a toddler and infant, move to Ohio due to his military job. On one episode this season, viewers got an update on Briana's life when Vicki flew to Ohio to visit her and her family. Not only is Briana raising two young children and running a household with her husband, she's also working two jobs as an emergency room nurse. Seeing how stressed her daughter was, Vicki presented her with a brand new car.

Two weeks ago, Briana defended herself against the accusation that she's spoiled. Briana replied to the accusation, made in a comment on a photo that Vicki had posted two weeks ago of her and Briana at the Season 10 reunion show filming, by pointing out that she has worked hard for what she has.

"How am I a spoiled brat? Spoiled? I've been financially independent since I became an ER RN 21 years old. Became a homeowner with my husband at 26 years old. I haven't taken a penny from anyone in YEARS. She bought me a car which I wrote a huge check for to reimburse her for some of it. I don't like seeing my mom in an abusive relationship. You don't see everything on the show. There is a LOT more to our family than is shown on tv for a few minutes an episode. My mom is my best friend and I don't appreciate your rude comment."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Season 10 reunion show will show Briana's reaction to Brooks saying, during a pre-recorded interview with host Andy Cohen, that she lied about his cancer background and is a manipulator.
In an interview with E! News, posted on Sunday, Vicki Gunvalson's ex, Brooks Ayers, said that Briana Culberson has "Daddy issues." Brooks' full sit-down interview with E! News will air the same day that Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show airs, on Monday, at 7 and 11 p.m.
"Vicki and I dated a year prior to Briana ever meeting me. She never gave me a chance. And one thing led to another and the first time I met Briana was the very night that she told her mom that she was married, and I think that Briana had some significant issues as a child growing up with some 'Daddy issues.'"
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