Bride Gives $35,000 Wedding Reception Feast To Sacramento Homeless After Groom Gets Cold Feet A Week Before Lavish Wedding

Quinn Duane spent months preparing for her lavish $35,000 wedding at Sacramento’s luxurious Citizen Hotel. However, things didn’t go as planned. A week before the wedding, her groom, Landon Borup, got cold feet and called off the nuptials. Though the bride-to-be was heartbroken, the family decided to offer the wedding reception feast, which had been planned for 120 guests, to the area’s homeless population. The homeless were invited to come into the luxury hotel and partake in the meal, which consisted of steak and salmon entrees.

A nonrefundable honeymoon trip, which was planned for Belize, will be taken by Quinn and her mother Kari Duane.

Citizen's Hotel

The Daily Mail reports that Quinn Duane was like many other brides, anxiously waiting for her big day. The bride had planned an extravagant wedding at the Sacramento Citizen Hotel with a gourmet meal provided by the hotel’s Grange restaurant following the ceremony. However, things did not go as planned for the former bride-to-be. Duane was jilted by her groom, Landon Borup, just a week before the scheduled wedding ceremony. Therefore, Duane’s parents decided not to let the planning go to waste. The bride’s parents informed the hotel that the wedding would no longer be taking place but that they still wanted to keep their reservation for the venue along with their food order. However, instead of feeding 120 wedding guests, the Duanes fed the area homeless.

According to KCRA, Quinn Duane’s mother, Kari, says she is heartbroken for her daughter but also says it only made sense to give back to the community since the deposits were already made and much of the wedding was nonrefundable. Kari says she was determined to take something good away from it all and claims that she did after seeing all the families that came out to enjoy the food.

“I will take away something good from this, I will.”

Kari noted that her daughter, Quinn, couldn’t bring herself to come to the meal but watched a video of the event from her home. The mother claimed that the whole ordeal had been hard on her daughter and that she was completely heartbroken for her. Quinn had started dating Landon Borup back in 2011. In April of last year, at an Easter dinner with Quinn’s family, Landon proposed. The wedding planning began with Citizen Hotel being picked as the perfect venue.

However, Quinn’s world came crashing down when Landon got cold feet and called off the wedding at the last minute. Heartbroken, Quinn called and informed her mother that the wedding was not going to be happening. Instead of taking their losses on the nonrefundable deposits, Kari said she wanted to do something to give back; therefore, the family decided to pay for the feast and invite the homeless in the area to partake in the gourmet meal.

“When I found out on Monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course, this would be something that we would do to give back.”

It was noted that families, the elderly and single homeless individuals all showed up to the meal, many from local homeless shelters. Families thanked the Duanes for their generosity and noted that they would never get food like this at the homeless shelter, though they love their shelter cook. Rashad Abdullah came to the meal with his wife and five children and called the food a “blessing.” His wife said that the Duanes were really kind to think of others during such a difficult time for their family.

“To lose out on something so important to yourself and then give it to someone else is really giving, really kind.”

Though the elaborate meal and venue were a large part of the wedding budget, another big expense was the couple’s planned honeymoon to Belize. The honeymoon trip was completely nonrefundable so Kari says she is going to go on the trip with her daughter instead.

What do you think about the Duane family thinking of the homeless in the area during their daughter’s difficult time?

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