Kylie Jenner’s Hair: Reality Star Debuts New Hair Style Amid Lamar Odom Scare

Throughout the Lamar Odom scare, most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has gone relatively silent on social media and their apps.

But not youngest sister Kylie Jenner. After posting two sweet tributes to Lamar Odom on Instagram earlier this week, Kylie returned to social-media-as-normal, posting photos of her outfits, her Halloween decorations, and even her new hair.

Kylie is known as a fashion maven, so it should come as no surprise that her Instagram is full of stylish posts. During the past few days, Kylie Jenner’s hair has been one of her favorite topics to post about.

It’s true that Jenner changes her hair frequently, going from black to green to blonde, so it makes sense that Kylie Jenner’s hair would be a frequent topic on her Instagram. On Saturday, Kylie posted a video of a new “dope” blunt cut, courtesy of Priscilla Valles. Find out what color Kylie Jenner’s hair is now in the video below.

Apparently dark is not a favorite hair color for Kylie, who posted four hours later that green has been her favorite so far. In fact, Jenner promised that the green would be making a comeback before too long.

As noted by People magazine, Kylie changes her hair often because it raises her confidence levels. In September, Jenner wrote about her frequent hairstyle changes on her website, noting that she dyed her hair for the first time when she was 16 — without permission from her mother.

“Constantly changing up my style makes me feel creative and it helps me with my confidence,” Kylie Jenner wrote on her website. “If any of you are going through something in your life and you want a change, experiment with your hair—it’s so much fun and you’ll feel totally liberated. It just makes me feel so good about myself. In the end, always own your own style and your own judgment and people will support you.”

Kylie’s latest hairstyle change comes at a time when her family is facing uncertainty and turmoil. Lamar Odom, the estranged husband of Jenner’s older half-sister, Khloé Kardashian, has spent several days in the hospital after an alleged drug overdose.

Odom was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel, and the 911 call indicates that Odom may have taken a dangerous combination of cocaine and a sexual-performance enhancer called Reload.

After the news of Lamar Odom broke, the 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted twice on Instagram about Odom’s situation. In the first, Kylie shared a black and white photo of herself dancing in a car with the former NBA player, and in the second Jenner shared a video of herself and Odom doing the stanky leg. Check out the dancing video on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page.

Soon after, Kylie Jenner and several of her KUWTK co-stars were photographed outside of Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas where Odom has been staying. Early reports indicated that Lamar wasn’t capable of breathing without a ventilator, but recent reports indicate that Lamar Odom’s condition has improved drastically, and he’s talking to doctors and now breathing on his own.

On Friday, Kylie Jenner was seen filming a music video with boyfriend Tyga. Adorably, the pair were wearing matching varsity-style jackets, each with the first letter of their name on their chest.

Kylie Jenner’s hair was dark in the photos at the music video shoot, but she had not yet chopped it into the blunt cut she showed off on Instagram.

Make sure you check out the video below to find out more about Kylie Jenner’s hair. There’s a surprise: Kylie may not actually change her hair as much as you think!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment]