Gwen Stefani Debuts Post-Split Song, Says She Just Wants To ‘Be Fulfilled’

Gwen Stefani is one of those women who has always seemed to have it all; married to a fellow rock star with three young children, the No Doubt frontwoman could typically be seen out and about with her family while juggling her various career aspirations, which include being a spokeswoman for several companies. But, in light of her recent split from husband Gavin Rossdale, Gwen penned a song about the experience and opened up to her fans about what went on behind the cameras.

In “Used To Love You,” Gwen gets emotional and raw, seemingly coming clean about some of the issues she went through with Rossdale.

“I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you…I guess nobody taught you how to love,” Stefani sings in the song.

While stepping in on The Voice as a guest judge while Christina Aguilera is on maternity leave, Gwen Stefani has also been working on her upcoming album, and says the project is all about being true to herself.

“It’s just truth. Just being clear and being true to myself. I just want to be fulfilled. It’s really quite selfish,” Gwen Stefani told People.

Stefani and Rossdale announced their split in August after 20 years of marriage, saying they are still committed to raising their children together; but, if the new song is any indication, it seems the duo has been having troubles for a while now.

Stefani recently said in an interview that she doesn’t want to leave The Voice— even though Aguilera will be back soon — because she has become so close with the other judges on the show.

“They’re all so smart, they’re all lovely. They all got my back. I love them,” she said.

Speaking of becoming close, rumors have been flying recently about Stefani and her new friendship with fellow judge Blake Shelton, who is also recently divorced. While some stories have the duo simply flirting with one another, others say the co-stars will be moving in together by the end of the year.

They’re looking for a home that has a pool and is very private,” a source told Life and Style magazine.

Yet, another source suggests that the potential budding romance is the product of the producers’ wish to gain more viewers, a little something extra to keep fans tuning in every week in the way they would for a sitcom with a “will-they-or-won’t-they” storyline.

Stefani says, however, that she just loves her friends and is excited about getting back on set. But, she’s trying not to think too hard about the future.

“I’m in New York. Just that alone…I mean, I never went anywhere when I was a little girl…I can’t wait to get back on set and do the lives. It’s so fun. It’s the funnest thing I think I’ve ever done, and so inspiring,” Stefani said. “I don’t have any plans for the future. In fact, my whole thing right now is not thinking about the past or the future and, like, being right here, right this second, because it’s so great right now. It’s such a great, amazing time.”

Gwen Stefani acknowledges the contestants on The Voice have a pretty tough time, because not only do they have to worry about the initial impression they make on the judges, they also have to learn from their coaches and apply it to their performances quickly.

“I can’t imagine doing what they do. I couldn’t do it. I mean, the pressure, and then to be having us trying to tell them, ‘OK and then you can do this and you can do that,’ taking in all that information and trying to make it happen on a live TV show. It’s a lot. They do really good,” Gwen Stefani said.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MasterCard]