Real-Life ‘Winnie The Pooh’: Bear Cub Gets Stuck In Window After Having Too Much To Eat [Video]

Brown Bear

A brown bear cub in eastern Russia got stuck in a window as it tried to escape back into the forest after breaking into a home and raiding the kitchen while the homeowners were out.

The hilarious antics of the young bear as it struggled to escape out of the house through the window caused social media users to compare the young animal with the cartoon bear character,Winnie the Pooh, who got stuck in Rabbit’s hole after eating too much honey.

Local media reported that residents of a house in Kamchatka, a remote part of eastern Russia, found a brown bear cub in their kitchen on Thursday. The bear had plenty of time while the homeowners were out to gorge itself, greedily, on food it found in the kitchen.

The young cub hurried to escape when it heard the homeowners returning home. While scrambling to get away by climbing through the kitchen window, its overfed tummy became wedged in the narrow window opening.

When the homeowners opened their kitchen door they found a young bear struggling to push its portly body through the window. The cub’s feet and bottom were dangling in the air inside the kitchen while its upper body and arms were outside.

As the bear struggled to climb out it fell back on the cooker.

The homeowners found the cub’s repeated, clumsy efforts to push its body through the window so amusing that they burst into laughter.

A member of the family used his phone camera to film the bear struggling to exit through the window to go back to the forest. The residents giggled uncontrollably as the cub struggled to get its tummy and bottom through the small space in the window.

“Wow, Potapych (a Russian nickname for bears). Cool!”

“Let’s just push his bum out. Push his bum, push his bum.”

As the homeowner filmed the animal, a voice can be heard suggesting that someone approach the bear and help by pushing it from behind through the window. The person was probably trying to follow the example of Rabbit, who gave Winnie the Pooh a push in the bottom when the greedy bear got stuck in Rabbit’s hole.

But, approaching and helping the bear by giving it a push was not good advice and the homeowners were wise to stay away.

According to RT, the local police have warned residents to stay away from bears because they are dangerous animals capable of causing grievous harm when cornered. Even young cubs are dangerous and can deliver lethal blows with their sharp claws if cornered.

The homeowners watched from a safe distance as the real-life Winnie the Pooh, struggled for several seconds to extricate itself.

After struggling for a while, the animal was able to squeeze its body through the window and escape.

“They were right not to approach it,” a police officer later told a local news outlet. “Even a very young bear is dangerous if cornered and frightened. Especially if you’ve been laughing at it.”

The video uploaded to Russian social media networks caused a lot of amusement as social media users compared the footage to the popular story in which Winnie the Pooh ate too much honey and could not get out of Rabbit’s little home.

The Far Eastern brown bear (Ursus arctos beringianus), also known as the Kamchatka brown bear, is a subspecies of brown bear found in the eastern areas of Russia.

Individual bears are very large, and like Winnie the Pooh, have a very large appetite. However, they are even-tempered and only rarely attack humans. They are omnivores, feeding on blueberries, crowberries, nuts and fish.

[Photos by Dinkum/Wikimedia; Rftblr/Wikimedia]