The Best Kiss Goes To Mischa Barton From Olivia Wilde

Do you remember Mischa Barton from The O.C.? She played Marissa Cooper alongside Olivia Wilde who played Alex Kelly. The two played a lesbian couple in the popular series. Lesbian relationships on TV were not as popular back then as it is today. Even though there has been some financial issues surrounding Mischa Barton lately, along with a court case with her mother, this can been seen as good news.

Mischa Barton Wins Best Kiss
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Olivia Wilde, who has been gay on-screen quite a few times in her career, recently revealed who her favorite on-screen, girl-on-girl kiss was. It was none other than The O.C. costar Mischa Barton. Wilde told Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live!, what made Mischa her favorite kiss.

“I will say that when we were doing The O.C., I really thought we were doing a responsible thing by showing two, young, sweet girls, in a real relationship — not just having, like, a sorority girl splash happy makeout. It was a real, loving, sweet relationship, and it was two young women.

“I joke about inspiring a generation of young lesbians, but I do think it represented an alternative lifestyle for young women that I don’t think had been fairly represented enough in young, soapy drama. So I’ll say, Mischa, two thumbs up.”

This is quite a compliment to Mischa Barton, as this happened a decade ago and Wilde has had quite a few other girl-on-girl kisses since then. This revelation led to Wilde’s husband asking her about her off camera girl-on-girl kisses, which caught her totally off guard.

If you have not seen the touching kisses between Mischa Barton and Olivia Wilde in the series, here are the clips

Mischa Barton is no stranger to on-air lesbian kisses as she has played a few lesbian roles herself. Along with playing Marissa Copper, she has played lesbian roles in You and I and Once and Again. Barton has told AfterEllen in the past, that it is just easier to kiss a girl.

“It’s so much easier to kiss a girl. You’re so much more relaxed filming than you are doing a guy and girl scene. You can relax and have a laugh about it, whereas if it’s a man you have to kiss, the whole thing’s a bit tense.”

Will Mischa Barton soon reveal to us who her best kiss goes to? Could Olivia Wilde be named her favorite as well? If so, maybe a reunion of The O.C. could bring the two together once again for another on-air kiss.

Unfortunately, Mischa Barton has recently disappointed The O.C. fans, stating that there will be no The O.C. reunion.

“I just doubt very much. I just think that those characters they had a life of their own and they burned out a little bit very fast because they were just fascinating characters. And you can’t… every time you try to replicate something it doesn’t really happen. And you know, after The O.C. there was a slew of other things like it but like more yeah, more salacious even. So I feel like you can’t… There’s nowhere to go with it.”

Mischa Barton has seen a lot of success since she first starred on the TV series The O.C., however in recent years she has not been seen in the spot light. If her recent financial woes have been any indication of her success, it is not looking great for Barton.

Who knows what the future will hold for her, with Wilde’s confession and Barton’s love for playing lesbian roles, we may be seeing Mischa Barton in more lesbian roles in the future.

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