Porn Star’s Assets Distract NJ Devils Coach During The Stanley Cup [VIDEO]

Viewers tuning into Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals were treated to a pretty good laugh as New Jersey Devils coach Pete Deboer was caught on camera taking a sneak peek at a certain adult film stars assets.

Seated directly behind the head coach during game 4 at The Staples Center was adult film actress Taylor Stevens, who just so happened to have her hard to miss goods even with Deboer’s head during camera shots of the coach.

Stevens tweeted during the game,

“Lol go kings I’m behind the devils bench glad u can all see me some #devils we’re staring At my boobies lol”

Later adding,

“Yup those are my #boobies against the glass #StanleyCupFinals #kings yaay if u see me on tv lemme know.”

Possibly the best part of the whole deal was Deboer’s attempt at a no-look pass as it was hard to miss something like that glaring in your face.

The distraction was even enough to create a Twitter trend of #BoobsBehindDeboer, with Stevens telling a Toronto radio station that ” I just happened to be right behind [DeBoer] at that opportune moment.”

When asked if she knew that she had already created a twitter sensation Stevens says, “I didn’t,” adding “I don’t know if people really know but at those types of games it’s really hard to get Wi-Fi. I had a friend of mine text me to say, ‘I just saw you!’ and I was like, ‘that’s cool.’ I really had no idea until I had gone out, got a few emails and then after the game it just blew up.”

New Jersey head coach Pete Deboer has yet to release a comment and I certainly wouldn’t expect one in the near future.

What do you think of Taylor Stevens seat right behind the NJ Devils head coach?