Tony The Tiger Is Back In Fake Frosted Flake Commercials [Videos]

Baby boomers will remember the popular Tony the Tiger cartoon character from back in the day when he advertised Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and told us how “Grrreat!” they were. Well now he’s back, although reportedly, the cereal company has nothing to do with it and it seems the famous Tony needs some help.

According to Digg, it was two weeks ago that a YouTube channel was opened called “Tony is Back.” Under that account, three commercials have been uploaded with Tony the Tiger helping adults who grew up eating his healthy frosted flakes cereal. Only thing is, the tiger isn’t quite the role model he used to be.

Using the well-remembered tagline “They’re Grrrreat!” Tony the Tiger is visualized in all kinds of modern day situations, but it is possible the videos won’t be available for long once Kellogg’s gets wind of the situation so it’s probably best to watch them now.

The following video is an introduction into Tony the Tiger’s new campaign.

And below viewers can watch the “commercials” themselves.

While the video commercials look just as professional as the originals, and even point back to the official Kellogg’s website in certain cases, the company is sure to want to get revenge. It turns out Tony the Tiger not only has a YouTube channel, he also has a brand new website and a hashtag, #tonyisback.

The first of the new Tony the Tiger commercials includes a disheartened prostitute who needs inspiration and a boost to continue her work. While her pimp keeps moaning at her, Tony’s character comes along offering her a complete healthy breakfast to boost her day and it works.

Possibly a knock at current police behavior, another video shows an officer, encouraged to abuse his power by assisting his partner in assaulting a woman, after the complete healthy breakfast “brings out the tiger” in him.

The final Tony the Tiger commercial is highly controversial for this day and age as it involves a woman, whose face is covered in bruises, being coached by Tony the Tiger to have a complete healthy breakfast before going ahead with a suicide bombing.

Each video includes in its description that Tony the Tiger has helped so many kids to solve their everyday problems over the years and saying he contacted 10 people who were kids when the first Frosted Flakes commercials came out 30 years ago. He says he asked them what their problems are now they are in their 40s.

On the official fake Tony the Tiger website, he also says how he really wanted to come back and start helping people again, but that things have gone horribly wrong.

“After all the negative feedback I have received during the recent days I have realized that the world has changed in 30 years. It’s become much more complicated. Those adults have now very serious grown-up problems, and what used to help just made things worse. Far worse.”

He says he is now very confused and doesn’t know what to do anymore and that he realizes he has not acted very responsibly, not only in his current “campaign,” but in his career in general.

Possibly taking a knock at the major cereal company Kellogg’s in general he says, “I was having doubts about what I represented. What kind of world I was endorsing. Was it just about the money, sales, not morals?”

He went on to say that it wasn’t customer feedback that woke him up, it was Kellogg’s themselves. Reportedly, the company made a statement saying they will “protect the integrity of our brands and our characters” and it took them only 12 hours to take down the Tony the Tiger Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gmail accounts.

It is interesting to note that some Twitter users appear to think this is all part of a viral advertising campaign by Kellogg’s.

So far, the Tony the Tiger website and YouTube channel still exist, but for how long? It’s probably best to watch the videos above right away, before they disappear into a YouTube grave forever.

[Image: Screen capture courtesy YouTube / Tony is Back!]