Nick Jonas, Kate Hudson Romance Rumors Heat Up, Insider Says He is Head Over Heels

The rumors have been flying for a bit that Nick Jonas has found love with Kate Hudson. These two are not revealing at all that something is going on, but it really does look like they are more than just friends. Nick recently split from Olivia Culpo, and now it looks like the singer could be off the market once again. Hollywood Life shared that an insider is revealing all and wants everyone to know that Nick Jonas is head over heels for Kate even if he isn’t ready to tell everyone about it yet.

The source spoke out sharing that Nick is falling for her, but of course they are still in the early stages where lust is so important. Nick hasn’t been with Kate long enough to be totally in love, but it really does look like it is heading that way. The source revealed all.

“Nick is head over heels right now with Kate Hudson. He loves the relationship, he wants to act with her, he is completely enamored by her and has never felt this way about a girl before. She pushes all the right buttons for him and he is all in! It’s major lust right now but love is right around the corner.”

During a recent interview, Nick Jonas was asked what is going on with Kate Hudson, and he simply said that he wasn’t going to talk about it. Jonas told the person interviewing him that he wasn’t mad at them for asking the question, but Jonas just didn’t want to answer it. If they weren’t dating, you would think that Nick Jonas would have easily just denied it, but instead he just avoided the topic of discussion. It doesn’t sound like Nick Jonas is ready to share that he has found love if that really is the case. Jonas will talk about it when he is ready and sometimes he can be very secretive about things.

On October 15, Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson were spotted out together at Up & Down in New York City. They didn’t leave the club together, but Kate left and then Nick decided to head out shortly after her, making it look like the two were obviously meeting up once they got away from there. People shared that on Thursday night Kate Hudson rocked a black jumpsuit with matching open toe shoes. Kate looked amazing as she went into the club.

Nick Jonas was seen at Up & Down, but he wasn’t near as dressed up as Kate Hudson was at the club. Jonas had on black jean, a red hooded sweatshirt and white sneakers as he was seen leaving the club just a little bit after Kate Hudson decided to leave.

Since his split with Olivia Culpo, Nick Jonas did share that he was dating, but at that time he would still consider himself single. Hudson has been very busy acting and being a mother, but it does look like she has somehow found time for romance in there as well.

Things were very serious between Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo. There were actually a few times that she thought he was going to pop the question, but the two never actually got engaged. When Nick and Olivia split, fans were shocked to hear it, but the couple was very quiet about what went wrong in their relationship and they just moved on, going their separate ways.

Do you think that Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson are a new sexy couple? Do you think that this relationship can last despite their age difference? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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