Bangtan Boys: BTS Represents Korea In Winning Best Worldwide Act At MTV European Music Awards

For K-pop in 2015, most of its big-hitting news has centered on either comebacks of established groups or rookie breakouts. Because of this, the fact that certain K-pop groups who truly dominated this year may have gone under the radar. For example, the Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS) have done extremely well, with their singles reaching the top of music charts worldwide. However, a lot of news pertaining to BTS was hidden under others that concentrated on Big Bang or Girls’ Generation (comeback groups) or Red Velvet, Minx, and GFriend (rookie breakouts), even during times when BTS was in the center of distress, such as their second anniversary fan meeting being cancelled due to MERS or one of their American shows being cancelled due to Rap Monster receiving a murder threat.

Despite this, many fans who love BTS — including those who are an Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth (A.R.M.Y.) — are making their love for the K-pop group known. With that in mind, they were vital in helping BTS represent Korea in the 2015 MTV European Music Awards for Best Worldwide Act.

Just so K-pop fans understand, BTS has two more obstacles to actually winning the Best Worldwide Act honor at MTV European Music Awards. BTS just completed their first obstacle by representing Korea. According to KpopStarz, the other K-pop acts that joined Big Hit Entertainment’s BTS are Jellyfish Entertainment’s VIXX, WM Entertainment’s B1A4, JYP Entertainment’s Got7, and Source Music’s GFriend.

Probably the biggest surprise is that GFriend made it as a nominee because they are not even a year old. As a matter of fact, they only have one single that broke the top ten and that is “Me Gustas Tu.” Ergo, it is believed GFriend was nominated because of their sudden popularity when a live performance of them performing “Me Gustas Tu” went viral (attached below). GFriend continued to perform their hit song despite two of their members slipping due to rain on a stage. They were praised for their professionalism especially Yuju who slipped a total of eight times. SinB fell once but it was a major fall. Also, the video going viral resulted in “Me Gustas Tu” making a comeback on the charts, ranking 8th on Instiz.

Nevertheless, by beating out the aforementioned K-pop groups, BTS has officially won a category in the 2015 MTV European Music Awards. They are officially the Best Korean Act. A representative from the awards provided the following statement in association to BTS winning.

“BTS is a huge K-pop group that, since debuting in 2013, has grown astronomically and has become one of the leaders of the Hallyu wave in and outside of Asia. BTS directly writes and produces their own music, and thus are able to share their thoughts and stories through that.”

By winning the Best Korean Act, BTS is now in the voting for the 2015 MTV European Music Awards for the Best Asian act, as detailed by Soompi. Voting for said award is now open. Last day for fans to vote for their favorite Asian act will be on Sunday, October 25, 2015. Along with BTS, winners of their respective Asian countries will also be in the running. will represent Japan, Jane Zhang will represent China, Jay Chou will represent Taiwan, and Son Tung M-TP will represent Vietnam.

Big Bang
Big Bang is the only Korean (K-pop) act to win the Best Worldwide Act at the MTV European Music Awards. Since they won back in 2011, they are also the category's inaugural winner.

If BTS wins the Best Asian Act, they will take on the winners of the other five “Best Acts” for Europe, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and North America. If BTS wins that, then they are officially the Best Worldwide Act for the 2015 MTV European Music Awards. Other K-pop acts who made it as nominees for this prestigious award are Super Junior, EXO, B.A.P., and Big Bang. Big Bang is the only one to win this award. Given the fact that they won back in 2011, they are also the inaugural winner for this award since that is the year it was introduced.

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