‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Reveals Financial Update, Talks Family

Gold Rush is coming back for a sixth season tonight on Discovery and fans can’t wait to see this show. It airs new episodes on Discovery every Friday night. Fox News got the chance to talk to Todd Hoffman about the upcoming season, their money problems, and keeping his son from becoming Miley Cyrus. Todd is very open about what is going on with their family now.

During last season of Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman had some financial problems going on and they were not sure if they would recover. Fans were actually curious to find out if his family would even return to Gold Rush this season, but they are back and Todd Hoffman shared this about his financial status now.

“Yeah, yeah. We just worked really hard. I think we did really good. I think we got 1,350 ounces probably like $1.6 million in gold we dug up. But the key is that we were established for this year so coming in this year we weren’t always working from behind, setting up camp so this is a great season. I got my son Hunter with me this year. My dad is back of course, my whole team, all my guys…Dozier Dave and all the guys so we’re just hitting on all cylinders. So, I, me personally I don’t know what really goes on in the minds of Parker, Tony, and the Dredge. So as far as us man we’re coming out of the shoots hard.”

Hoffman admitted that besides worrying about his business, he also worries about his children. Todd Hoffman is a great dad and that is a priority to him. His son, Hunter, is on the show and just 16-years-old. Todd is worried about making sure that he is a good father and that his son doesn’t turn out like Miley Cyrus. He wants the best for him and explains to his son, Hunter, that what is real is family, faith in God, and working hard to get that gold each season. As long as Gold Rush doesn’t end up causing problems for his family, then he will keep doing the show, but family comes first.

'Gold Rush'

When asked about going head to head with Parker from time to time, Todd Hoffman spoke out about him.

“Here you go. He’s got, you know, I don’t know what goes on in his mind. I know I finished the season with the same guys I started with. Okay? And that speaks volumes. You know I heard he fired a lot of guys. I picked up one kid that he fired you’ll see it early on in the show. But at the end of the day it’s about treating people right. I mean I really believe that you know you could get all the gold in the world and then lose your soul and then you know I say your soul is how you treat people. So I don’t know. Me personally, I just have a different philosophy, and I hope this year he does better.”

Enstarz shared that Todd Hoffman and his crew will end up dealing with some issues early in this season. They have some water in the way and have to get the biggest pump they can out there to clear the water out. Logan Pierce will also end up breaking through some ice, but that means some of their equipment is under water which is not a good thing.

'Gold Rush'

Don’t miss new episodes of Gold Rush featuring Todd Hoffman and his family. This show will air every Friday night on Discovery. Are you ready for the new season with the Hoffmans? Sound off in the comments below.

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