Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction: Leather Dress Splits Wide Open [Photo]

Kim Kardashian might actually be trying to see if she can break the world record for the most wardrobe malfunctions in a week. First she wore a pair of skin tight spandex pants with the tag hanging off of them, then she wore a dress where you could clearly see the girdle she was wearing beneath it. This time she split a leather dress she was wearing right before an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Kardashian tweeted a photo of the split dress out to her fans with the following message:

“About to do Jimmy Kimmel my whole dress rips! Help!!! Time to sew me in…praying this works.”

It’s odd for Kim Kardashian to even have a hair out of place, but when she showed up to the opening of one of her stores in Vegas wearing a signature bodycon dresses, she turned around to see a huge tag sticking out from under the super sheer fabric.

The second offense was not as minor as a bit of a tag. She was wearing a killer black and white dress while posing for some pictures in Las Vegas when the camera noticed through her sheer dress that her girdle was carving out a perfect silhouette of her butt. She ran to get into her limo when it was pointed out but the damage had been done because the paparazzi had managed to catch about 200 photos of the malfunction. Between Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West, who just lost his pants while walking up the street, there will be plenty of wardrobe malfunctions to talk about in the future.

Kim Kardashian's Dress