‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Will Little Jake Be The One To Reveal Jason Morgan’s Identity?

General Hospital fans were happy when little Jake Spencer was found alive after everyone thought he had died at the hands of his grandfather, Luke Spencer. He had been with the evil Helena Cassadine all that time, but he is now back with Elizabeth safe and sound. However, is the boy as sweet as everyone believes he is?

The big Jason Morgan reveal is at hand, and viewers are gearing up to see who will be the one that will actually spill the beans. It could be many people in Port Charles that could reveal the truth at this point. There have been speculations that it could be Laura, Elizabeth, Nik, Hayden, Spinelli, and even Jason himself who could start remembering who he is. However, it could it be little Jake who lets everyone know that Jake is Jason.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this cute little boy may just turn out to be a bad boy. The fact that Jake doesn’t seem to show any emotion since he has been home, and he hasn’t really formed any relationships, which makes one wonder what is up with him. Of course, he was being raised by Helena, and that just can’t be good at all. There is an excellent chance that he has been programmed by her. This is certainly not the first time on General Hospital that she has done something like this.


Little Jake also knows the secret that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. He was eavesdropping on Elizabeth and Laura’s conversation last week and also knows that his mom is keeping the truth to herself. However, there is a chance that he already knew the truth before he even came back to Port Charles. Who knows what Helena Cassadine has up her sleeve and how that boy all fits in with her plan? If she really wanted to keep him hidden, she would never have given him up to his family so easily. That may have been a major clue right there. Even Laura has concerns about her grandson. As Michael Fairman pointed out, she was the one to ask Elizabeth whether he has had any kind of counseling, so even she sees that something is off with Jake.


Now that the little guy knows the secret, it may be that he is the one who blurts the truth out at the wedding of Liz and Jason. That would certainly be a nice little twist to this storyline.

Port Charles’ long lost psychiatrist, Dr. Kevin Collins, is returning to the hospital supposedly for Hayden to be able to recover her memories. However, it could be that he is enlisted to help Jake with his issues instead. That may help Jake to remember what his life was really like living with Helena for years, and maybe reveal some hidden memories as well.

Jon Lindstrom is back on GH. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NATAS)

General Hospital fans are so ready for the big Jason Morgan reveal to happen. With the wedding coming up in November, anything could happen at this point. Spinelli also just returned to town as Sam’s “secret weapon” to help big Jake recover the truth of his past. He keeps comparing Jake to Jason as he thinks they have very similar qualities, so it could very well be that Spinelli ends up revealing the truth.

Bradford Anderson returns to GH. (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

Whoever it is that shocks everyone by telling them that Jason Morgan is alive and well and has been right there all along will hopefully be a surprise and worth the wait that General Hospital fans have had to endure.

Which Port Charles resident would you like to see make the big Jason Morgan reveal? Sound off your comments below on what your expectations are when it comes to this long-awaited storyline.

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