Love Ranch Surveillance: Lamar Odom Caught Popping Pills Before Overdose

Love Ranch surveillance featuring Lamar Odom has just hit the web. In a video shared by Radar Online on October 15, Odom was reportedly seen “partying and popping pills” before his reported overdose on Tuesday. The footage of Odom was reportedly taken on Saturday, October 10, shortly after he arrived to the Love Ranch in Nevada.

Once on site, Odom was seen at the Love Ranch’s on-site bar with a blonde woman, who, along with a second female, prepared a few drinks and shots. In the days that followed, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Department, Odom used both cocaine and herbal Viagra before his overdose.

During one scene shot at the Love Ranch, Odom is seen putting his left hand into his pocket and pulling out what appears to be a baggie. He then tips the baggie into his hand and puts whatever it was that came out into his mouth.

In a second clip, also shared by Radar Online, Odom is seen seemingly struggling to walk as he passes the doorway of a Love Ranch security office. Although the clip lasts just eight seconds, two women are seen walking ahead of Odom, and once Odom passes the doorway, he appears to nearly fall forward before making his way to wherever it was that the women were leading him.

On Tuesday, Odom was discovered by two women at the Love Ranch, covered in what the Nye County sheriff called “a white substance” and blood. Radar Online also alleged Odom had track marks on his arms and cocaine and opiates in his system, although it is unclear if the track marks were from heroin use at the Love Ranch or previous use of drugs before arriving at the facility.

Below is what Radar Online reported on October 16.

“Medical professionals treating the ex-NBA forward at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas confirmed the presence of drugs in his system, which noted that crack cocaine abuse was responsible for the fluid that had built up in his lungs.”

Since the discovery of the unconscious Odom at the Love Ranch on Tuesday, Odom was taken to a hospital nearby before being transferred to the Sunrise Hospital, where he remains.

On October 14, a source close to the family spoke to People Magazine about Odom’s condition.

“They’re pretty sure this is goodbye, but they’re praying for a miracle. They know that God has the power to heal him, but that’s really the last hope at this point. This is really bad.”

As his family, and the family of his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, continue to pray for the recovery of Odom, the investigation into the moments leading up to his alleged Love Ranch overdose are under investigation.

Meanwhile, despite Odom and Kardashian signing divorce papers in July, a judgment has not yet been entered into court, which means the couple are still legally married. While that wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary had the Love Ranch incident not happened, it is extremely important now that it has because Kardashian has been left in charge of calling the shots when it comes to Odom’s medical treatment.

“He never signed a living will, so Khloé is making decisions for him… [It’s] very stressful. She is lost.”

According to People Magazine, doctors treating Odom found cocaine and opiates in his system after he arrived from the Love Ranch and claimed he has had “a couple strokes” while in the hospital.

[Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]