Carrie Underwood’s Relationship, Fitness Tips For New Mamas

Carrie Underwood’s relationship has changed dramatically since her baby’s birth. Underwood has been married to her husband, Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher, since 2010. When her son, Isaiah, was born in March, the couple’s relationship faced a whole new dynamic, Underwood said.

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“Your marriage does change a lot when you have a baby,” Underwood told People magazine. “There’s this whole other dynamic and you just have to make it a point to not lose you as a couple in that.”

She added, “You have to make it a point to not lose yourselves as a couple. There’s so much going on, it becomes easy to not focus on your marriage anymore.”

In order to keep her relationship strong, Underwood said during the interview with People that it’s important to check in with your partner to make sure that his or her needs are being met.

“Communication is key. Checking in and making sure that your needs are being met is something that I feel like everybody can probably do more of. With a baby, that’s even more craziness.”

Underwood noted that she and her husband each have unique jobs that don’t call for your typical nine to five hours of work each day. As a result, Carrie and Mike had to “pick and choose” the things that are most important to them.

Underwood also said during the People interview that Fisher is a hands-on dad and likes to help out with the baby — changing diapers and making bottles — which likely helps the country superstar to continue with her own career.

“Mike’s been great. He’s a real hands-on dad for sure. … The three of us are just in love. We’re learning and growing.”

Underwood is currently promoting her upcoming album, titled Storyteller, which is set to be released on Oct. 23. Her People cover story, which features information about Underwood’s experience with motherhood, hits stands the same day. Carrie is also working to promote her activewear line, called Calia by Carrie. In addition, Underwood is scheduled to host the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley on Nov. 4.

Though she still keeps up with an extremely busy schedule, Underwood told People that being a mom has helped her to simplify things in life and has actually reduced some of her stress levels.

“Being a mom — it just makes you [realize] that maybe the things you stressed about before just really aren’t so important. You have to become a little simpler in order to have the energy to give your baby.”

The “Before He Cheats” singer also recently shares information about her post-baby workouts, which have helped her to get back into tip-top condition in no time. In talking to Shape magazine, Underwood says she takes “any type of workout” she can, “whenever she can get it.”

Underwood admits that as a new working mother, it’s difficult to find time to fit workouts in, so she often takes advantage of Tabata-style workouts, which feature quick-hit, high intensity interval training style routines. She says she picks seven exercises and does eight 20-second intense cycles with 10 second breaks in between. The routine allows Underwood to get each type of exercise done in four minutes, and the entire workout only takes about a half hour.

And, sometimes, Underwood just has to bring baby Isaiah along for the workout in order to get it done. Last month, Underwood posted to Instagram the following photos of Isaiah at her workout session.

And, sometimes, Underwood and her professional-athlete husband get their workouts in together because, according to Carrie, the couple that works out together “stays together.”

The couple that slays together...stays together! Working out is always better with a partner! #StayThePath

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What do you think of Carrie Underwood’s relationship and fitness advice? What kind of relationship and fitness tips would you share for new mothers and mothers-to-be?

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