Dennis Hof Tells Kardashians To ‘Go To Hell,’ The Family Says He Stole From Lamar

Dennis Hof, the reality TV star and brothel owner, has told the Kardashians to “go to hell.” Hof is the owner of the brothel where Lamar Odom was found unresponsive on October 10, and he isn’t letting the media-hungry Kardashian clan speak for him or his business. Rumor has it that the family asked Dennis Hof to keep his mouth on the shut side about what was going on with Lamar Odom and to let Khloe do the talking about the situation. Perez Hilton reported that in addition to refusing to be gagged, the Kardashian’s reps are accusing Dennis Hof and/or his establishment of stealing from Lamar.

“We reached out to Dennis politely asking him to respect Lamar’s (and Khloe’s) privacy during this difficult time and refrain from talking to the press. This is a very painful situation, as I know you are aware, and the idea that anyone would use it to seek publicity is really sad.”

Quite simply, the attention-loving Kardashian family is accusing Dennis Hof of using their personal tragedy to get some attention for himself. Not surprisingly, Hof denies these claims. He’s explained that he has a business to run and reputation to protect. Mildly ironic for someone who runs houses of ill-repute. It is important to remember, though, that Hof’s brothels are legal.

Fleiss/Hof [Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images]Why the accusations of theft? Lamar Odom’s estranged wife says that Hof and his brothel charged Odom $75,000 for his four-day romp, a sum the family believes to be excessive for the “services” rendered. Dennis Hof disagrees. Perez Hilton reports that he has defended the charges, pretty much saying that they are what they are. He’s stated that $75,000 is the going rate to be “escorted” 24/7 by the brothel’s ladies.

The big price tag isn’t the only reason the Kardashians are crying foul. They’ve come forward with allegations that Odom was found with no cash among his belongings at Denis Hof’s brothel. Lamar Odom is well known to keep large sums of cash on his person, so his family finds it odd that he was essentially broke when he was rescued from the brothel by first responders.

Adult Entertainers at premiere. [Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]Currently, it’s a matter of finger-pointing and “he said/she said.” Obviously, it’s going to be fairly difficult to prove what cash Lamar may have had on him when he got to the ranch, let alone that Dennis Hof took it. Especially if the worst comes to pass and Lamar doesn’t regain consciousness.

The Kardashian family is also not really used to being publicly stymied. It’s very possible that they’re pointing fingers in retaliation for Dennis Hof refusing to play the game by their rules. Not only did Hof refuse their request to keep quiet, he publicly told them to “go to hell.”

Not really a way to get on the media-mogul family’s best side.

There are plenty of theories swirling, even five days after the initial tragedy that landed Odom in critical condition in the first place. There is also plenty of blame. Unfortunately, at this time it’s almost expected. Family members are distraught; they’re already in mourning. No firm prognosis for Odom’s recovery has been given, and it’s rumored that family members are preparing for the worst. Dennis Hof does have a business to protect; when you’re talking about one of the few remaining legal brothels in the U.S., negative publicity is the last thing you need.


There have been multiple reports that Odom was using cocaine prior to his visit to the establishment owned by Dennis Hof. No one denies that he was most likely using herbal male enhancement supplements. During the 911 call, the pills were described to dispatch. The supplements, dubbed “herbal Viagra” are known to be dangerous, and because they’re supplements, they’re not regulated by the FDA. They’re not illegal, but Odom is rumored to have taken 10 of the pills. Hof has admitted that the packaging was on the premises.

Blood tests, taken by the local police department by way of search warrant, aren’t expected to provide toxicology reports for weeks. Whatever the hospital found in his system, they’re aren’t talking about (medical privacy laws forbid it), but he is officially being treated for an “overdose” after being found unresponsive by Dennis Hof’s staff.

Regardless of how this story plays out, it goes without saying that the mudslinging between the Kardashians and Dennis Hof is just getting started.

[Image Courtesy Alex Wong/Getty Images]