Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Is Concerned For Her Health

Kim Kardashian is nearing the end of her second pregnancy. The reality starlet has close to two more months to go, and her husband is very worried about her health. Her estranged brother-in-law is currently in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital, and Kanye West is concerned about the impact the stressful situation might have on Kim’s pregnancy.

Kim and Kanye at VMA's [Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]Kim Kardashian rushed to her sister’s side when the family heard the news about her brother-in-law, Lamar Odom. The former Lakers star was found unresponsive in a rural Nevada brothel on October 10. Kim cancelled her baby shower, and she and the rest of the family have been giving Khloe and Lamar all of the support they can, Hollywood Life reports. Unfortunately for Kim, her devoted husband is worried that the emotional toll of the situation may be too much for her. And possibly too much for their upcoming bundle of joy.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to pregnancy stress and drama. She struggled very publicly to conceive her first child, daughter North West. It has also recently been reported by KDrama Stars that the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star may be dealing with gestational diabetes this time around, not to mention some serious pregnancy-related exhaustion. During a promo for the upcoming season of the show, Kim Kardashian is seen telling her mom that the doctor discovered too much fluid in her placenta during a check-up.

Curious followers will have to wait for the season premiere to get all of the dirt regarding Kim and her potential pregnancy issues. Of course, if all is going relatively well with Kim and the pregnancy, news of complications may take a back-seat to Lamar Odom’s unfolding drama.

[Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images] [Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]Whether or not Kim is suffering from gestational diabetes, Kanye has told sources that she’s been advised to avoid stressful situations. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate with the doctor’s orders, and she has ended up in the midst of one of the most stressful situations imaginable.


While Kim is busy tending to her little sister and morally supporting Khloe Kardashian in her role as next-of-kin to Lamar Odom, Kanye is doing his best to make the situation as easy for his wife as possible. Kanye is reportedly tending to their two-year-old daughter back home. Rumor has it the singer (who recently announced a future presidential bid) is also keeping his eyes on Kourtney Kardashian’s kids.

It goes without saying that Kim Kardashian and her family are going to be facing more stress in the near future. Everyone is pulling and praying for Lamar Odom to pull through. The hospital is treating the athlete for an overdose and there’s been speculation that he may have been using cocaine in the days leading up to his hospitalization. Reports are coming in that he may have suffered brain damage and that his organs may be failing as well. If these rumors are to be believed, even if he recovers he’s looking at a rough road ahead. While Kim Kardashian is not responsible for his medical decisions, her younger sister is.

Being responsible for someone else’s medical treatment can be incredibly stressful; when you’re responsible for your estranged spouse that stress is compounded. Certainly Kim will be needed for emotional support as her sister makes life and death choices and tends to her own duties as the godmother of Kim Kardashian’s daughter.

Khloe Kardashian is no stranger to brain injury herself. Kim’s little sister was involved in a car accident in 2001, the impact of which put her through the windshield of the vehicle. She suffered a concussion and a brain injury that reportedly still impacts her memory.


No matter what ends up happening with Lamar Odom, the impact of his recent decisions will certainly be impacting the Kardashian family for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, Kanye will continue to keep Kim Kardashian and her health his top priorities.

[Photo Courtesy: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]