‘Strongholds’ Expansion Coming To Xbox One ‘Neverwinter’ In November, Tymora’s Gift Event Now Live

Neverwinter on the Xbox One continues to catch up to the PC version of the MMORPG released by developer Cryptic Studios. The Dungeons & Dragons MMO will welcome the seventh game expansion to the console version of the game called “Strongholds” on November 3. This expansion focuses on guilds reclaiming and defending an abandoned keep on Neverwinter‘s largest map.

Unlike the PC release of “Strongholds,” Xbox One players will not have to wait for the PvP aspect of the expansion to release. All of what “Strongholds” has to offer will be available on the November 3 release date according to the Arc Games announcement. This means that the PvP siege aspect of attacking or protecting a keep will immediately be available giving guilds a chance to battle each other over the newfound Neverwinter settlement.

All guilds in Neverwinter have access to their own instanced keep. This area is private to a guild’s members and members not at the level cap will be bumped to it while they adventure around the derelict keep. Guilds begin by clearing the hostile forces around the keep with PvE objectives and quests. Eventually, the guild will restore the abandoned keep and start expanding the stronghold with new structures.


Guilds that control a keep benefit from new items and unlocks. As a guild takes over the area, builds up their keep, and adds to the base, guild members will gain certain buffs like bonus experience, bonus gold, bonus critical chance, and much more. Not to mention, members must build up other structures to improve their keep overall. For example, building a lumberyard lets the guild collect wood which is needed to build more structures and continue expanding their stronghold within Neverwinter.

When Neverwinter released on the Xbox One it included “Tyranny of Dragons” module content but the first three modules and the ones that were currently available on PC were not included when it released. In September, the Xbox One version of Neverwinter updated with content from five expansions, or modules, nearly catching the Xbox One client up to the PC as the Inquisitr reported.

When the “Strongholds” module releases on Xbox One in November, the PC and Xbox One versions of the game will be basically the same; however, the platforms are completely separate. The next expansion, entitled “Underdark,” is planned to release in late 2015 on PC with the Xbox One release sometime thereafter.


Although “Strongholds” is not out yet, Xbox One players can enjoy a new sale and event going on right now when playing Neverwinter. The current sale lets players pick up any mount for 20 percent off its normal cost within the in-game store. If spending cash is not in your future, then you might appreciate the Tymora’s Gift event also currently underway.

This event, themed around the goddess of luck in Neverwinter, gives players the chance to find Gifts of Tymora. These can contain Favors of Tymora which can be spent to purchase dyes, cosmetic items, or even the Amphail Barding Horse. Additional items, like the Fools Crown and Lucky Coin, can also be looted during the event. Both the mount sale and the Tymora’s Gift event end on Monday, October 19.

Xbox One players can download and play Neverwinter for free right now. Those that have yet to try the MMORPG can find the download on the Xbox Store via website or through their Xbox One consoles. The download size is just over 13 GB according to the storefront, and players can use their console’s friends list to party up with allies in the game.

Have you tried Neverwinter on Xbox One yet?

[Images via Perfect World Entertainment]