Lamar Odom Is Brain Dead? Will Khloe Kardashian Pull The Plug On Her Estranged Husband, Receive $10 Million Life Insurance Policy?

Lamar Odom is reportedly brain dead, and if he is, and if Khloe Kardashian pulls the plug, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star could be awarded with a $10 million life insurance policy. On October 15, Radar Online broke news, claiming Odom was brain dead, and that his rumored drug overdose was likely to blame.

Multiple insiders reportedly confirmed the news of the 35-year-old former professional athlete being brain dead, claiming the news had come after he was “downing booze, pills, and cocaine” during a party bender at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South in Nevada.

“He has no brain activity,” an insider revealed.

Another added, “He is brain dead. The tests showed no function.”

In addition to Odom reportedly being brain dead, his kidneys are said to be failing, and Radar Online revealed that he’s been placed on dialysis. The news of Odom being brain dead comes just a short while after a separate Radar Online report claimed Odom died numerous times on the way to the hospital from the Love Ranch.

“Lamar had to be revived several times when his heart stopped en route to the hospital in Vegas from the hospital in Pahrump… He lost critical treatment time because he couldn’t be airlifted, and the trip took over an hour. The emergency room doctor was communicating with the medical team in the ambulance for the entire trip, and the truck is equipped with defibrillator paddles, which were used to get Lamar’s heart beating again every time it stopped.”

The report went on to reveal the possibly brain dead Odom is currently receiving medical care in a hospital room which is semi-secluded. Located at the end of the hall, Odom’s room features curtains which have remained closed, and a door which has remained shut. Meanwhile, Odom’s visitors have been treated to a private room that has been closed off to others visiting their family members and friends at the hospital.

If Odom has indeed been declared brain dead, it will likely only be a matter of time before the dread issue of pulling the plug is discussed. Currently, as Odom’s legal wife, Khloe Kardashian, holds the power of making decisions in regard to his life and ongoing medical care.

Currently, the possibly brain dead athlete is said to have a net worth of $30 million, and a life insurance policy of $10 million. And as Radar Online explained, Kardashian is believed to be the beneficiary of that policy — even if the two had already divorced at the time of his death. There is also a report, via Enstars, which states Kardashian could possibly inherit Odom’s $56 million dollars, although it is unclear where that information has come from.

As TMZ reported earlier today, Kardashian has been at Odom’s side since Tuesday, when she flew to Las Vegas via private jet immediately after hearing the devastating news about her husband. Since then, she has been staying in Odom’s room with many members of her family, as well as his son and daughter and their mother, at her side. Even after several members of the family returned to Los Angeles on Thursday morning, Kardashian has remained at his bedside.

Regardless of whether or not the brain dead reports are true, things for Odom aren’t looking good. In addition to showing no signs of improvement in his health, the former basketball player’s organs have continued to fail, and he remains on a breathing tube.

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