Charlie Sheen Gets Kicked Out Of Staples Center

Charlie Sheen just wanted a cigarette. The former star of Two And A Half Men was at the L.A. Kings game on Wednesday night when he decided to step outside for a smoke. When he tried to re-enter the Staples Center he was stopped by a female security guard.

This did not make Sheen happy.

Sheen yelled:

“You know what, f**king blow my balls, alright, you f**king asshole.”

A little while later Sheen calmed down and came over to explain the incident.

Sheen said:

“Have common sense and common courtesy gone in society? That was what I was trying to impress upon her. I mean come on. Let a guy walk back in a door he just walked out of. It’s not about smoking. It’s about common sense, that’s all.”

Sheen isn’t the first celebrity to get kicked out of a sporting event this week. Lil’ Wayne was denied entrance to the San Antonio Spurs / OKC Thunder Game. Lil’ Wayne, however, never had a ticket to begin with.

Do you think the Staples Center was right to kick Sheen out? Stadiums have to have firm rules in place and its a slippery slope to give start making exceptions. (You can see the video here.)

Sheen, who recently admitted that he was in denial about his career going down hill, has a new show debuting this Summer on FX.