‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Says Watching Fianceé Lady Gaga’s ‘AHS’ Sex Scenes Is ‘Awkward’

Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney has plenty to be excited about. Along with his part in the hit drama series, which is currently in Season 4, his fiancee, Lady Gaga, has recently broke into the acting scene with her part in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel.

However, although Kinney is really excited about his future wife’s role in the horror drama, he recently told Today that watching her in the sex scenes on AHS is a little uncomfortable, especially considering he watched the premiere of the show with Gaga’s father.

“It was as awkward as anyone can imagine,” Kinney stated in the interview.

“I was sitting next to her father, watching these love scenes, which was… awkward,” he added, admitting that the scenes are more orgy in character than traditional lovemaking.

For her part, Gaga plays the role of Hotel Cortez’s manager, Countess Elizabeth, in the hit horror series. Her character is central to the plot this season, with the Countess being a sort of blood drinking creature that sleeps with, kills, and eats anyone who stays in Room 64.

Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer on 'American Horror Story: Hotel' [Image Courtesy: FX]

While all who venture into Room 64 never leave to see the light of day, part of the allure of the room is in the decor. In fact, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, writer Ned Martel discussed just how much the artwork in the room plays into Gaga’s vampire-like character.

“You’ve entered into this world, because she has this environment that people want. You see what happens to the people that get lured in. Plus, the works are monumental, one piece is eight feel tall – it makes a big sculptural statement,” he stated in the interview. “[Arik] Levy’s works balance the old and the new, which is fitting, because The Countess has lived for 100 years, and she is as high-minded now as she was in her youth.”

Meanwhile, Gaga’s role as the Countess marks the first time she has played a lead in a major television series. With that in mind, Kinney recently told E! News that he helped Gaga prepare for her role, which in turn helped him become a better actor as well.

“I just wanted to help my girl prepare the best that she could, so that in itself has helped me just kind of… get immersed in it, in the work, and that translates… the more you talk about it, the more you do it, that stays with you.”

In addition to his own advice, Kinney also revealed that some of his fellow cast members at Chicago Fire have pitched in to help Gaga along.

Taylor Kinney plays Kelly Severide on 'Chicago Fire' [Image Courtesy: NBC]

“We’ve gotten together Friday nights, Saturday nights to help my girl prepare, to help read, to get her off book, to give her choices,” he stated.

So far, it appears that all the lessons have payed off for Gaga, as she has managed to play her part perfectly in the opening act of the series. In fact, awkward sex scenes aside, Kinney went on to state that he was thrilled about watching her on screen and that he was immensely proud of her efforts.

“It was amazing. I’m proud of her, and I push her,” he explained. “I support her 100 percent. Ryan Murphy has done an amazing job. That cast is amazing… She loves it. She really does. I think she did great.”

Fans can watch more of Gaga as Countess Elizabeth as American Horror Story: Hotel continues Wednesdays nights on FX. At the same time, fans can also glimpse Kinney in his role in Chicago Fire, which continues its fourth season Tuesday nights on NBC.

[Lead Image Courtesy: Kevin Winter/Getty]