Jessie J And Luke James Split, Jessie's Tweets Had Nothing To Do With Her New Single Status Though

Jessie J is officially back on the market after the pop star broke up with her boyfriend of almost a year and rumors abound that the reason is because she doubted his commitment to their relationship. The 27-year-old songbird confirmed she was dating R&B singer Luke James in November, but now it seems as if she fears he was only dating her to "raise his profile in the music industry" and did not truly love her. Those feelings led to the breakup.

In the article posted by the Daily Mail, a source close to Jessie J advised that she had truly fallen for the singer and fallen hard. For her, the break up is utterly devastating. It was over the summer that the doubts began to surface. The social media-conscious couple seemed to confirm allegations of the split when Luke apparently unfollowed Jessie on Twitter earlier this week.

The news of the breakup would come as a surprise to anyone who followers Jessie J on Instagram, though. The relationship between the voice coach and James actually lasted 11 months, and during that time, there was no lack of her man and his music on her Instagram page.

According to the Mirror, Luke James also posted a message on his own Twitter feed that has many wondering if he was alluding to the breakup and confirming his own lack of true feelings for Jessie J.
"Love is all you need, when it's real."
Jessie J and Luke James officially announced their status back in November, when she posted a cute selfie photo of the two and used the caption to announce to her 4.2 million followers that she was single no more.
"My first ever official #mcm. My man. My crush. My Monday morning. So it's only right."
The photo sharing site could also pay testimony to those rumors that Jessie J's former beau was only using her to keep himself relevant in the music industry. She has a slew of photos of the two together where her love and happiness is utterly transparent. When asked about the reason she chose to go public about her and Luke, she was a very candid and forthcoming in her response. She stated that as a grown woman who also happens to be famous, she's aware that she'll be in the spotlight often and decided to go public once she knew she loved James. There was no desire on her part to keep the relationship a secret.
Prior to the breakup, Jessie J also did as any girlfriend would do and supported her man in his career moves, advising her followers of James' music and performances. she also encouraged her followers to attend his shows, gushing about how amazing he was.
Early Thursday morning saw an abundance of tweets from Jessie J that several news outlets are all attributing to her ranting about the breakup and telling herself to remain strong. Twitter first saw her actually responding to a fan and her troubles, though.

Beginning with the words "You got this girl. You are stronger than you think," Jessie followed with a series of tweets that were meant to inspire her followers and others to be kind and supportive to each other. The monologue was positive messages only and begged that consideration be given to someone else's feeling prior to making a joke or judging them. She hoped everyone would pause and consider how they would feel should the situation be in reverse.

Unfortunately, many people began thinking that the messages were about her personal feelings, especially since the break up with James is still fresh. Jessie was quick to set the record straight and asked that the messages be read properly and that she is talking about the world at large, not her personal struggles.

Post break up, Jessie J maintained that she is just fine.

[Photo Courtesy Of Albert L Ortega/ Getty Images]