Duggar Family Hides Josh Duggar's Bisexual Secret And Refuses To Discuss It

The Duggar family, long-time anti-gay activists, refuse to discuss Josh Duggar's liaison with a bisexual. The family now admits to Josh's incestual child molestations and to his adultery, but have made no public statement addressing the fact that the porn star – who claims that Josh Duggar paid her for sex and for private dances at a strip club – is a bisexual. This is probably the most difficult aspect of the eldest son's behavior for the Duggar family to acknowledge.

Danica Dillon, the 28-year-old star of X-rated movies, is a favorite of the lesbian and bisexual community. Since 2009, she has sold private webcam shows online to a wide audience. Twice-married, Dillon is openly bisexual, and many of her 125 porn movies featured lesbian and bisexual scenes. Danica claims that Josh is a big fan of her movies, and has been watching them for years. She also claims that Josh sought her out at her appearances at strip clubs in an effort to meet her personally.

Danica Dillon
Danica Dillon, one of Josh Duggar's favorite porn stars [Photo: Instagram]In a tell-all interview with In Touch magazine on August 26, Dillon divulged that Josh Duggar traveled over 150 miles from his home in Oxon Hill, Maryland, to Pennsylvania to watch her perform at strip clubs in Philadelphia and Hatfield. The interview was given while Dillon was hooked up to a polygraph.

Josh Duggar story on In Touch magazine cover
Josh Duggar story on In Touch magazine cover [Photo credit: In Touch]Dillon also said that Josh paid her hundreds of dollars for private dances and then twice offered her "gifts" of $1,500 for sex. She probably used that word because prostitution and soliciting a prostitute are both crimes in Pennsylvania.

Dillon also revealed that the dates of her sexual relations were while his wife, Anna, was pregnant with the couple's fourth child. Danica and Josh did not use protection in their encounters, which could have resulted in disastrous consequences to Anna and her unborn child if Josh had been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease.

For the Duggar family, the gay factor is probably the worst of Josh's sins. In the past few years, the Duggar family has been increasingly bold in its attacks on the LGBT community. In 2008, when their reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, began filming for the series, Michelle Duggar had a TLC crew member fired because he was gay. For the next six years, the family launched a campaign against homosexuals, often appearing at demonstrations and political rallies.

Josh Duggar speaking at an anti-gay rally in Washington, D.C.
Josh Duggar speaking at an anti-gay rally in Washington, D.C., in 2011 [Photo: Facebook]In June, 2013, Josh was hired as the executive director of the Family Research Council (FRC). The FRC is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, "defaming gays and lesbians."

In August, 2014, Michelle Duggar narrated a robocall to persuade Arkansas voters to disallow transgender people the right to use public restrooms. Ironically, Michelle claimed that transgender people were child molesters and that she was trying to protect "innocent children" – this, from the mother of a bona fide child molester who failed to obtain protection for her own innocent children until forced to do so by Child Protective Services, four years after the abuse first began.

In November, 2014, Josh Duggar led an anti-gay marriage rally, one of many he would lead over the ensuing months. November was the watershed month for the LGBT community. It began a counterattack against the Duggar family by launching a petition to have TLC remove their reality show from the air. The Duggars fought back by asking their fans to sign a counter-petition with TLC.

Being for or against homosexuality is not the main issue against the Duggar family for most in the LGBT community -- the issue is that civil rights are guaranteed by law in America. The Duggar family can exercise its right to freedom of speech and preach against homosexuality all day long, and they would be little more than an annoyance, but when the family began to advocate for denying the civil rights of others – including the right to employment and housing – that is when the LGBT community fought back. That is what started the investigation into the sexual practices within the Duggar family and blew the roof off of their steel-framed house in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Writing for the Daily Beast, Jay Michaelson gives his own take on the Duggar family.

"The people and institutions I've named, while they were lying, cheating, and having lots of illicit sex, were also working hard to demean me and my family, and deny us our civil rights. They aren't just hypocrites. Hypocrites preach one thing and practice another. But these guys aren't just preaching; they are actively, and sometimes successfully, restricting my freedom, encouraging my dehumanization, and telling lies about me and people like me."
Michaelson further suspects that the louder the voice against homosexuals, the more the voice is hiding.
"It's tempting to minimize these stories. They're so familiar by now that surely the default assumption must be that the anti-gay crusader is probably closeted and gay, and the pro-family crusader is probably on Ashley Madison.

"Which makes perfect sense, psychologically. If you're wrestling with a particular demon, it's easy to see that wrestling as the most important thing in the world. Philandering family-values types are out there screaming because ultimately, they're screaming at themselves."

It is interesting to note that one of the founders of FRC, George Rekers, was outed in 2010 with a young gay man he paid for escort services, rendered through Rentboy.com.

It is not by coincidence, then, that the reporter who broke the story of incestual sexual molestations of minor children within the Duggar family was a homosexual. In an ironic twist of fate, it was the Duggar's incessant attacks on the gay community that led to their own downfall. And Michelle Duggar, who caused a man to lose his job at TLC because he was gay, has now lost her job with the TLC reality show because she and her husband reared a child molester, allowed him to continue to abuse his younger siblings for at least a year, and harbored him from authorities.

Finally, dealing with the fact that their own son is obsessively attracted to a bisexual woman, addicted to watching her lesbian porn movies and has committed adultery with her twice, has left Michelle and Jim Bob speechless. Presently, the Duggar family's voices against the gay community have gone silent. Perhaps they are also pausing to rethink their stance on birth control, now that there is a possibility of an illegitimate grandchild waiting somewhere to be introduced.

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