Could One Direction Star Harry Styles Be Any Less Rock 'N' Roll?

One Direction star Harry Styles hit the headlines earlier this week after having a "sensational" brush with the law. Shock, horror. What was hapless Harry's crime? Was Styles busted with a suitcase full of cocaine? Was Harry arrested for smashing up a hotel room or throwing the television from the penthouse suite? No. Harry's brush with the law was much more mundane. The Daily Mail reports that Styles was busted by an eager parking attendant when he left his car on yellow lines whilst he popped to the shops. The traffic warden in London's borough of Camden seemingly gave Harry a ticket and a stern telling off.

Well, folks, when it comes to scandal, that is about as raucous as Styles gets. Harry has been part of One Direction for almost five years now, and getting a parking ticket is about as wild as Styles and his One Direction band-mates get. As a group, Styles and his pals have been remarkably scandal-free. The sensational storylines concerning Styles seem to be limited to whether he wears his hair hanging loose or in a man-bun. To be fair, the gossip columns take up a fair number of column inches on a daily basis by speculating about who Harry may or may not be dating.

Styles has dated a succession of beautiful women, including Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, and Harry does seem to have something of a weakness for Victoria's Secret underwear models. In recent months, Styles has been linked with Nadine Leopold and Sara Sampaio. Now, it seems that Harry has hooked up with yet another Victoria's Secret model. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, New Zealand-born model Georgia Fowler has sent social media into a frenzy by posting a photograph of herself playing Scrabble with Harry. Styles is dressed in a bathrobe as the couple play scrabble and have a coffee. Now that just is not Rock 'N'Roll.
Further evidence of Harry's total lack of rock 'n' roll credentials have been revealed on a number of occasions during the current "On The Road Again" world tour. Back in February, when One Direction were down under in Australia and New Zealand, details of the boys tour "rider" were leaked to the press. NZ City reported on the leaked details. Were the boys asking for a ton of booze, a swedish masseuse and saucers of cocaine? No. Harry asked for "organic guacamole," whilst band-mate Louis Tomlinson asked for "tea."

As the tour has continued and One Direction head towards their split, it seems that they have become more demanding. Unreality TV reports that the tour "rider" for the band's shows in Dublin this weekend has been leaked. So what are Harry and his pals asking for now? Are their demands outrageous? Not really. Harry and the rest of the guys have asked for soft toilet paper, odorless air freshener, and for their meals to be served on china plates complete with garnish.

Harry Styles
[Photo by Mat Hayward / Getty Images]Styles has also asked for a "pleasant ambience in all rooms." Mind you, on this occasion, Harry and has his pals have asked for some craft beer and a case of the famous Irish dark beer, Guinness.

Considering the level of scrutiny that Styles and the rest of One Direction are subject to, it is absolutely incredible that the biggest scandal involving them was that Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were spotted smoking a joint after a video was leaked to the internet. In a time when everyone has a camera and video recorder on their smartphone, it is amazing that barely a whiff of scandal has been reported about Styles or his band-mates -- and that just is not rock 'n' roll.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images]