WWE News: WWE Planning Sasha Banks Face Turn, NXT Four Horsewomen To Unite On WWE’s Main Roster?

Joe Burgett - Author

Oct. 16 2015, Updated 7:34 a.m. ET

It should be seen as common knowledge by now that if something gets over in WWE NXT, it has a strong chance of getting over when it comes to the main roster. Sasha Banks has proven to be, potentially, the Shawn Michaels of the WWE Diva Division, having matches with any and all and delivering great performances. However, when she has a good dance partner, the two create absolute greatness.

Enter WWE NXT: Brooklyn and WWE NXT: Respect.

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Sasha Banks defended or fought as challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship at both events against Bayley. Everyone knows by now that Bayley is a great in-ring worker, but no one really knew just how good she was until the last few months when she got the spotlight she deserved. Sasha not only gained the respect of the NXT audience, but that slowly made her known to many more main roster fans.

The “We want Sasha” chants started to rain down on WWE RAW, it was all due to the respect Banks had with the fans. Then Brie Bella decided to get on the mic and started saying what the crowd was chanting, this was seen as on purpose and not something done randomly by Brie. According to Cageside Seats, the plan may be for WWE to turn Sasha babyface very soon. Although most believe WWE will allow her to keep her edgy side in matches, the actual character will be face. The idea would be that WWE wanted to push her and they felt that they could easily do this with her being babyface.

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The Inquisitr has reported that there is a plan of pushing Sasha Banks to the WWE Diva’s Championship, where she could face Charlotte. She could very well win against her, even though WWE loves Charlotte and it seems they have a lot in her as well. The thought is that Banks is in her early 20’s and has a good decade left, while Charlotte is 30 and does not have nearly as long. The feeling is that although Banks is seen as the best wrestler in the entire Diva’s Division on NXT and the main roster, she won’t always get put in the top Diva matches all the time.

While reports claim that WWE has no plans to break up the teams of the Divas, we’ve already seen how they can change up a good bit. Team B.A.D could come to an end or simply be recast.

WWE seems to have a lot in Sasha Banks and they seem to use her whenever possible. However, she could simply have a Trish Stratus role. That means she will always be a big part of the WWE Diva Division and could be the top WWE Diva at the time. That does not mean she will be in the championship match or have a title all the time, similar to what happened with Trish.

There was a lot of talk about Bayley and Sasha after Brooklyn and then big time after their Ironwoman match. While WWE is obviously using Sasha in a big way, there are plans for Bayley, as well, on the main roster.

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The knowledge of this came when Bayley was scheduled for WWE’s European Tour in November where she will team with Natalya.While Bayley is supposed to go over to the UK with the NXT crew in December for their big events there, the WWE tour and NXT tour are at different points. That would mean she would have to go to UK, come back, then go back.

Very seldom does this happen unless they have a person they are planning to use on the main roster. This is even more present because they are simply WWE Live Events, and not television.

This means we could see Bayley make her main roster debut at any time.

Her potential debut has a lot of people talking about a Four Horsewomen reunion on the main roster. Many feel that Bayley has waited long enough and could work NXT and the main roster just as Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks all did. Sasha just now left the NXT world after the last Takeover special. It is proven by now that you don’t have to lose your title to be pushed to the main roster.

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There is a fear in not seeing any of the girls down there we know and love, though. While people like Asuka are there and others like Athena just came in, they are not truly built yet like the others. We could expect Bayley to, at least, work with NXT until the end of the year, but a main roster debut is by no means out of the question especially knowing that she will be in the UK twice for WWE in the span of a few weeks.

Will the Four Horsewomen actually team together for an actual televised faction? That looks doubtful. Although by the time Bayley debuts, they all will be faces. A potential Diva’s Survivor Series elimination match with a four on four idea could very well occur, as has been rumored for quite some time. Bayley very well could debut right after the Hell in a Cell PPV, so this concept is possible.

The only thing for certain is that WWE knows they have a lot in both Bayley and Sasha Banks and it is expected that WWE will use them in big ways.

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