Mark Hamill Denies Fumble In 1977 ‘Star Wars’ – Did Luke Skywalker Call Princess Leia Carrie Fisher?

If Mark Hamill denies a fumble supposedly made in the original 1977 Star Wars movie, then you have to believe there’s going to be a legion of fans who will bow down to the Jedi Master’s statement. Still, there are some fans who believe that Luke Skywalker accidentally called Princess Leia by her real name, Carrie Fisher, but you should check out the video yourself to determine what you think.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a Luke Skywalker video is making the rounds on the internet since it shows the best moments of the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta video game.

The debate over Mark Hamill’s fumble goes like this. During the ending of Star Wars: A New Hope, Hamill is seen exiting his X-Wing on the Rebel base on Yavin 4 after destroying the first Death Star. It is claimed that Hamill messed up his lines in the moment he was greeted by Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia and Harrison Ford’s Han Solo characters.

As Luke Skywalker climbs down the ladder of his X-Wing, Princess Leia shouts out “Luke!” as she rushes to embrace him. It is what Luke shouts in return that has been debated by fanboys for many years since the movie first was shown in theaters.

Some fans claims the then 26-year-old Mark Hamill flubbed his lines by accidentally screaming “Carrie!” as he exits the X-Wing. Other fans insist Hamill merely said “Hey!” in return. The evidence seems to be in favor of the latter side since even Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt confirmed that Hamill appears to be saying “hey” or “yay.”

On Monday, one Star Wars fanboy tweeted this question to the Jedi Master’s Twitter account in order to settle the matter once and for all.

“‘Old myth that you yelled ‘Carrie!’ after the Death Star attack in Ep4. Care to weigh in? I call bs on this,” said Bruce White.

At this point, Mark Hamill denies the fumble completely, calling the mere idea complete nonsense.

“TOTAL BS!” he replied. “Actually said ‘There she…’ as in ‘There she is.’ Dialogue in that scene was dubbed. In-jokes disallowed!”

This pretty much settles the issue. While Star Wars Episode 4 does contain some funny errors like a stormtrooper hitting his head against a doorway, it seems unlikely that the final cut would have included such an obvious fumble. After all, if Luke Skywalker’s response was dubbed in, you would think someone would have realized that Hamill accidentally said Carrie Fisher’s name.

Still, if you have any doubts, you can check out the video of the scene yourself.

Mark Hamill’s Near Death Experience

Denying accidents seems to be in the air lately. Mark Hamill denied a fumble where he supposedly almost fell off a steep mountain. The story goes that a quick thinking tour guide saved the actor from sliding to his doom off the 590-foot ridge. But Hamill denies and says he did not even suffer a scratch while on Michael Skellig island.

“Fabricated stories usually contain a seed of truth. Didn’t so much as stub a toe on Skellig Michael. But thanks for your concern!” Hamill wrote on Twitter back in September. “This story is completely untrue. Don’t know how this story got started, but filming went splendidly, thanks.”

The Star Wars: Episode 7 release date is set for December 18, 2015. Fans are already clamoring to grab those pre-ticket sales, never mind find out where any of the early screenings will be. Let us just hope there will not be awful spoilers leaked.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney]