Jenelle Evans Accused Of Neglecting Son During ‘Teen Mom’ Filming

Jenelle Evans is working hard on turning her life around. Since getting pregnant with Jace and sharing her journey on Teen Mom, fans of the show have been more than ready to judge Jenelle and accuse her of everything from drug relapsing to being abusive with her youngest son, Kaiser. But Evans seems focused on turning her life around, and she has even graduated from school.

These days, Jenelle Evans is actively filming a new season of Teen Mom, as it has become such a popular show. Clearly, fans love following Jenelle, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer on their journeys as parents. But Evans has always been a controversial star, and it seems like her Instagram followers are always ready to tear her down.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans recently posted a picture of herself checking her phone while filming an episode of Teen Mom.

"Phones before filming.. Sorry @mtv," Jenelle wrote as a caption on the picture, joking later that it was a joke with the producers, adding, "lmao it was a joke with our producers and my son was napping."

Evans only added the second statement about Kaiser napping after she had been accused of neglecting her son. Clearly, some of her followers felt that she had completely ignored her son and was being completely unprofessional with MTV. Jenelle is being paid quite a bit of money to film the show, so it makes sense that fans would be upset. Plus, Evans -- like the other Teen Mom stars -- has been accused of not showing what a real-life scenario would look like, as these girls are able to buy whatever they want with their MTV salaries.

"U guys suck, mtv must hate working with you. You are being payed [sic] to be filmed yet u just make them wait while u finish with ur phone? So unprofessional and stupid!" one follower pointed out to Evans, whereas another attacked her personal life with, "Phones before her kids too."

Of course, Kaiser was nowhere in the picture, and Jenelle later revealed that he was napping. Clearly, Jenelle wouldn't neglect her children in front of the Teen Mom producers and film crew. They are close friends to Jenelle, and fans got to see this a bit on the original Teen Mom, as the crew was shown in some scenes. Friendships and bonds have been formed over the past couple of years, so it makes sense that Evans wouldn't neglect her children.

"All these s**t talkers, yours in here using phones and computers while most of you have kids, so shut the the [sic] hell up about her being on the phone when your [sic] sitting here typing while your kid is sitting right next to you duhh," one person also added, while a second follower chimed in, "im [sic] always on the phone and computer and my kids are perfectly fine."

These days, Jenelle is possibly filming Teen Mom with her new boyfriend, David Eason. The two recently met and have spent time together. Nathan Griffith is still in the picture, as he and Evans share custody of Kaiser. But he could be concerned about Kaiser's safety, as Evans' new man does have a violent and criminal past. He was arrested for choking an ex-girlfriend last year, according to Radar Online.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans being accused of neglecting her son, even though she is filming Teen Mom while he is napping? Do you think people are pointing out the right things, or do you think they are just throwing accusations to see what sticks?

[Image via Instagram]