Vampire Breast Lift: Doctor Debuts Treatment That Uses Patient’s Own Blood To Make Breasts ‘Rounder, Perkier’ Without Surgery

Dr. Charles Runels is the mastermind behind the ever-popular “vampire face lift” that catapulted to fame after Kim Kardashian had the procedure done in 2013. However, the pioneering cosmetic dermatologist didn’t stop with the face. Runels is now offering the “vampire breast lift” to patients who want to see perkier and rounder breasts. The dermatologist claims that he can “lift saggy breasts, fix inverted nipples, make the breasts rounder and fuller and also increase breast and nipple sensitivity” without surgery using the new vampire breast lift technique.

The vampire breast lift has its own official website with before-and-after photos, videos, and details of the procedure. The website notes that women shouldn’t be judged for wanting to keep themselves looking youthful. It was noted that the idea that women should just “age gracefully” is dated, and that there is nothing wrong with a woman doing a little “maintenance” work to keep herself looking young. The doctor compares the idea of allowing your body to “age gracefully” to an aging home.

“Who would decide not to maintain their house, not paint it, not do everything possible to keep it in good repair and looking new… and brag to their neighbor, ‘I’m just letting my house age gracefully’?!”

Therefore, Dr. Charles Runels says that a woman should focus on keeping her breasts youthful, as “What’s more feminine and beautiful that a woman’s breasts?” This leads Runels to declare the vampire breast lift procedure as the answer to women’s breast aging woes. It is noted that the procedure requires no surgery, no downtime, and results in no bruising or pain. The doctor also makes bold claims that the procedure could help lower the risk of breast cancer, as “there is some strong biochemical reasons why using platelet-derived growth factors in the breast may actually help protect the breast against breast cancer.”

So exactly how does the vampire breast lift procedure work? According to the Daily Mail, the procedure is very similar to the already-popular vampire face lift. The doctor first draws blood from the patient’s arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge, which separates the platelets into a platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The plasma, which was extracted from the patient’s own blood, is then injected in the area of concern, in this case, the breast. The idea behind the procedure is that the platelet-rich plasma will activate the area to grow new tissue. The tissue will result in more collagen, fatty tissue, and blood vessels.

When the breasts creates new tissue in the area, the breasts would become rounder and more youthful in appearance. The doctor notes that the procedure will not increase breast size, but rather make the breasts a more youthful and desirable shape. Though size does not increase, Dr. Runels recommends the procedure for those that suffer from inverted nipples, lack of sensitivity in the breasts, or those who simply want a rounder or perkier breast appearance. Additionally, Dr. Runels claims the procedure can also correct small defects that result from breast implants such as rippling of the skin.

In all, the vampire breast lift is supposed to take just 15 minutes and will run about $1,800 for the injections. It was noted that the procedure is not surgical, and the patient would feel a minor pinching and burning sensation during the injection.

Kim Kardashian

What do you think about the new vampire breast lift procedure? Do you think Kim Kardashian will endorse Dr. Charles Runels latest procedure like she did the vampire face lift back in 2013?

[Image Credit: Vampire Breast Lift Website]