New Xbox One Experience Update Today Fixes Major Bugs That Troubled Preview Members

The New Xbox One Experience that Xbox One users were able to try through the Preview program started rolling out to more and more Xbox One users, by the way, and more and more problems seem to come up every time. But good news, an update is on its way today to fix numerous issues that Xbox One Preview users reported via the feedback efforts of the Microsoft and Xbox One teams.

Well, in fairness to Microsoft, it’s still all on the beta stage, so the New Xbox One Experience has got to face some issues. When the New Xbox One Experience Preview started rolling out in September, Xbox One users were able to get access to the new dashboard and several new Xbox One features. But a beta is a beta, and the Preview program for the New Xbox One Experience was made to generate feedback and reports from Xbox One users anyway, so those who signed up for the Preview should have anticipated the problems they would encounter.

A lot of Preview members report that they are experiencing more than a handful of mishaps with the latest version of the New Xbox One Experience, and a lot of them are restoring their Xbox One units to factory settings to get out of their misery. User Riphade 1 at the Xbox Achievements forum reports as follows.

“This update is a buggy PoS. I had to opt out and factory reset my box. My console became as useful as a house brick. If I were you guys, I’d just wait til the full launch.

It CONSTANTLY froze, then crashed my console whenever I hit the guide button to go home. Even at a 50/50 rate, that’s still too high. Even when I was double tapping the jewel to record clips/screenshot, and wanting to view friends. Having to constantly hard reset for various issues. Streaming of any kind not working. Games crash after start up. While I like the look of it, and when it worked, it worked fairly well, like I said, I’d just wait for the full release.”

Like Riphade 1, tons of Preview users are reporting of major problems, but it seems a lot of people are loving the new dashboard design and the speed that it provides if it works up to par. But again, the New Xbox One Experience Preview is still on a beta run, and those who are signed up are expected to know that they are in the program to help test and provide feedback to the reboot before it finally launches as a completed product this year.

New Xbox One Experience dashboards

As of now, a new update to the New Xbox One Experience is available to Preview members, and patch notes of the updates were detailed on the NXOE Preview forums. Some of the updates are as follows.

  • Screen Dimming: Fixes for screen dimming issues are in this build
    Media App no longer freezing: Media Titles such as Hulu, Netflix that were experiencing video stuttering and stopping have been resolved
  • Browser: You should now experience significantly fewer crashes when using the Edge browser. Please help us test this fix by exploring your favorite websites! (such as,,,,,, etc…)
  • Live TV fixes
  • Controller Firmware Update: A new controller firmware update is available. Please navigate to Settings > Devices & accessories to download the update
  • Console Boot: This build contains a fix to address issues with encountering a black screen shortly after the console boots up
  • My Games & Apps: For users in China and Korea, My games & apps should no longer launch to a black screen and fail to start
  • Home Screen: The tiles on the Home screen should no longer flicker when a disc based game is installing

Apart from the fixes that come with the update, the Xbox team also released a couple of workarounds as solutions to common problems experienced by the users, such as general system issues, Xbox Live sign-in failures, game and app issues, Live TV problems, and even SmartGlass issues.

You can view the full list of patch notes and workarounds via Game Zone.

The New Xbox One Experience is a total reboot of the old Xbox One system and aims to provide an easier and more beautiful Xbox One experience. Xbox aims to roll out the final version of the NXOE before the year ends, so stay tuned.

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