Donald Trump Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On November 7

Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live on November 7, NBC News is reporting.

This will be the 2016 republican presidential candidate’s second hosting gig on the venerated NBC late-night show. In 2004, shortly after Trump and NBC had collaborated on what would become a ratings giant, The Apprentice, Trump hosted the show. Even 11 years ago, Trump showed his flair for bombast and self-promotion during the show’s opening monologue.

“After just one season, I am about to become the highest-paid television personality in America. And as everyone in this room knows, ‘highest-paid’ means ‘best.'”

Trump’s relationship with NBC of late has been strained, to put it mildly. In June, not long after he announced his candidacy, the Peacock Network cut all ties with The Donald, largely in part due to his stance on illegal immigration, according to Breitbart. Not helping matters was the rather crude way Trump expressed his stance, suggesting that illegal immigrants from Mexico are mostly drug dealers and rapists, according to the Washington Post. The rift between Trump and NBC even led to NBC naming a new host for Trump’s flagship NBC show, Apprentice spin-off Celebrity Apprentice. As USA Today reports, NBC famously fired Trump and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger. That led more than one comedian to note the irony of Donald Trump’s job being taken and given to an immigrant.

NBC and The Donald have made nice since then. In September, Trump appeared with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, bringing huge ratings against upstart Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. He also appeared on Meet the Press in September, where, true to form, he made some rather controversial statements.

When asked how he would feel about a Muslim president, Trump responded, “Some people have said it already happened, frankly, but, of course, you wouldn’t agree with that.”

Donald Tump is not the only politician to appear on Saturday Night Live. Just last week, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance, portraying a bartender talking about Hillary’s shortcomings with Hillary, played by Kate McKinnon.

Although Hillary’s Saturday Night Live appearance received good reviews, some observers noted that Hillary got off rather light when it came to the jokes at her expense. Breitbart would later report that Clinton’s legal team had negotiated with Saturday Night Live producers to limit just how sharp those jokes could be.

There is no word on whether or not Donald Trump’s camp is doing the same.

Other politicians have graced the set of Saturday Night Live over the years, as well, according to WFTX. Back in the show’s early days in the middle 1970s, President Gerald Ford — who reportedly found Chevy Chase’s impersonations of him hilarious — pre-recorded a few lines of dialogue for the show. Other politicians to appear on the show, at various stages in their careers (rising or falling), include then-Senator Barack Obama, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Al Gore (who, like Donald Trump will do, actually hosted the show, instead of just making an appearance), and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (just a few days after the September 11 attacks).

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[Image courtesy of Getty Images/Isaac Brekken]