Wendy Williams Claims Taylor Swift Is The ‘Queen Of Mean’ [Video]

Cassie Boss - Author

Oct. 14 2015, Updated 7:12 a.m. ET

Wendy Williams said it herself — “you all can hate on me later, I don’t care.” The host of the Wendy Williams Show knows she’s about to stir up some trouble, but what exactly did she mean when she called Taylor Swift the queen of mean?

Wendy Williams is known for stirring up all sorts of drama when it comes to some of her celebrity remarks. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and while some of it seems to be simply fun and games, other times, her comments really stir up quite the reactions, leaving fans furious with the TV host.

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While some of Wendy Williams’ targets include Caitlyn Jenner, Kim Zolciak, and even Nicki Minaj, her latest target was Taylor Swift. According to E! News, Taylor Swift became the latest celebrity to make Wendy’s list because she recently became the most followed person on Instagram, beating out the likes of Kim Kardashian and even Beyoncé.

Celebrities gain their followers on social media for a variety of reasons, such as general popularity with their audience and showing off their assets, if you know what we mean. While Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé both have a large following on social media, it’s no secret that both women tend to post suggestive photos, and it’s no secret that a good majority of their followers “follow” them because they quite enjoy seeing their flirty photos. So how is it that the young and innocent Taylor Swift has topped all the queens of social media?

If you take a gander over at Taylor’s Instagram feed, you won’t see much in the way of a scantily clad Taylor. Instead you’ll find yourself bombarded with photos of Taylor and her kittens, or Taylor doing what she does best, working.

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Wendy Williams asks the question many wonder: just how could Taylor Swift beat out the more flashy stars of her time? According to Wendy, it’s not because everyone simply loves her personality and shares her love for her two cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson — or is it? According to Wendy, Taylor’s popularity on Instagram stems not from being loved, but from playing the game.

What is that supposed to mean? According to Seventeen magazine, Wendy means that the celebrity sweetheart has a trick up her sleeve, that trick being that she is “secretly mean.”

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“In my mind, Taylor Swift is the Queen of Mean. And she’s sneaky and smart about doing it, which makes her smarter than the other two.”

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Wendy seems to be claiming that Taylor’s good girl persona is just a façade of sorts, and in reality, she is just another mean girl.

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Wendy goes on to claim that Taylor is so sneaky that she has not only managed to manipulate her fans into thinking she is this sweet, innocent girl, but that she has even managed to “hypnotize” her girl squad into thinking that “she’s the bee’s knees.” Because some of the top females in the fashion, music, and TV industry can be worked over so easily, right? After all, it’s the sweet ones you have to always look out for!


Now, before everyone goes into defense mode, it seems as if Wendy Williams may have simply been joking around with her comments on Taylor Swift being a secret mean girl. Throughout the clip, Wendy does compliment the “Wildest Dreams” singer, saying things like young people today could learn a thing or two about what and how to post things on social media sites.

Do you think Wendy Williams was intentionally calling out Taylor Swift as a mean girl? Check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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