Beyoncé’s Dad Denies Cashing In, Beyoncé Might Reign Supreme At AMAs, Tops First Lady’s Spotify List [Video]

Mathew Knowles is the brains behind Beyoncé, the manager went on record claiming, as he publicly denies rumors that he’s cashing in on his famous daughter’s success. Knowles, who is quickly making headlines after publicizing his new day-long boot camp that teaches aspiring artists to be like Beyoncé, told Page Six that his course has “[n]othing to do with that,” and is really about educating people.

The course, which has dates in Macon, Georgia; Rochester, New York; New York City, New York; Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland; and Norfolk, Virginia, is the “same course, same price, that I gave in Barbados,” Mathew confirms. The ex-manager of Beyoncé also taken the class worldwide, having “given similarities of the seminar in Paris,” the manager told Page Six.

The seven-hour class is “not something that’s new,” and promises insider advice to aspiring recording artists, producers, and managers who want success like Beyoncé. As part of the class, attendees will be treated to a short video of Beyoncé talking about failure.

Beyoncé is not involved with the course. But, insists her father, “[l]et me tell you what it’s not — that I’m trying to cash out on Beyoncé,” Mathew insists, after accusations that the course is a sign of desperation, reports Page Six.

Knowles, who managed Beyoncé until 2011 when his daughter cut managerial ties with him, asserts that he’s “an educator” who “taught for 10 years at the collegiate level. For eight years I’ve taught here… at Texas Southern University.”

Teaching students how to become Beyoncé is “an extension” of “what I do for a living,” although Mathew confirms that he’s “the brains behind the success” of Beyonce.

Knowles insists that despite rumors, his relationship with Beyoncé is fine. According to the International Business Times,Beyonce and Blue Ivy “spent the day” with grandpa “a couple of months ago” and Mathew hopes “to see [Beyonce and Blue Ivy] next week… and spend another day doing Play-Doh with Blue Ivy.”

Knowles is trying to release a biopic about Beyoncé and the rest of the Destiny’s Child group, and is currently shopping the idea to different production companies, according to the International Business Times. The movie would focus on Beyoncé as a young girl and her rise to fame — guided by her father, of course.

Beyoncé was chosen by Michelle Obama to top the First Lady’s new Spotify list, which Mrs. Obama revealed to celebrate the International Day Of The Girl, reports USA Today. According to the new site, releasing Spotify playlists, and using the star power of artists like Beyoncé, is “de rigueur for politicians wanting to connect with constituents.

“Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé tops the list that Michelle hopes will celebrate women and highlight issues of gender inequality. International Day Of The Girl particularly focuses on education inequality. USA Today reports that according to the #62MillionGirls campaign, 62 million girls worldwide lack access to basic education.

Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige follow Beyoncé on the play list. Despite her string of empowerment songs, Beyoncé is notably absent from Hillary Clinton’s Spotify list, however.

Beyoncé also has a shot at making AMA history, along with Rihanna, reports People. Beyonce has been nominated for another AMA in the Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist category, and is tied with Rihanna, Aretha Franklin, and Mariah Carey, with four awards.

If Beyoncé wins a fifth, she will have won the most awards in that category in history. Beyoncé is not the only one who might make history at the award ceremony. Taylor Swift, who has already won 16 AMAs, is nominated for six more awards. If she wins in each category, she will edge out Whitney Houston, who has 21 awards.

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