Brooks Ayers & 'Real Housewives' Vicki Gunvalson Cancer Claim Slammed By Shannon Beador: Preview 'RHOC' Reunion!

With the Real Housewives of Orange County finale having come to a dramatic conclusion, RHOC fans are looking forward to the reunion of cast members Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Meghan King Edmonds. With Andy Cohen taking on his role as host and moderator, what might happen at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion?

Shannon Beador has provided some hints in predicting a showdown. As the Inquisitr reported, the RHOC finale included some bizarre brouhahas among the battling Real Housewives cast members. And while the gossip over whether Vicki's ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was telling the truth that he has cancer took center stage, Shannon also was at the center of one of the biggest blow-ups when she confronted Gunvalson. Beador believed that her former friend was responsible for spreading rumors about Shannon and David Beador's marriage crisis.

Shannon Beador takes proof about lies to RHOC reunion.
Shannon Beador takes proof about lies to RHOC reunion. (Image via Bravo)

Now, at the RHOC reunion, Shannon will show proof that Ayers was lying about his condition, according to Radar Online.

Beador initially defended Gunvalson during the Real Housewives of Orange County cancer questioning. But Shannon changed her decision to be a friend in the light of an increasing number of deceptions. Beador was hurt when she felt ignored, and so Shannon brought a document that she says contains proof that Ayers is a fake and a fraud when it comes to his condition.

To investigate the claims, Beador even went undercover and headed to the Newport Beach clinic, where Ayers said he had a PET scan. Shannon did not require a scan, but she went ahead with the procedure in her determination to discredit him.

Shannon Beador has turned a friendship into a feud on this season of the
Shannon Beador has turned a friendship into a feud on this season of the "Real Housewives Of Orange County." (Image via Bravo)

"Shannon brought her report from the clinic to the taping of the reunion and pointed out glaring differences from what Brooks had given to Tamra Judge to review on camera," said an insider. "The letterhead was completely different, along with the spacing."

Going to the maximum to discredit her former friend, Beador even asked if the clinic used the same identical format for all its reports for all patients. When Shannon learned that the clinic did follow a standard format, Beador believed that was the final nail on the coffin of lies, and Shannon shared it all at the RHOC reunion.

And the insider revealed that Vicki was shocked by those claims from Beador.

The "old girl" on the "Real Housewives Of Orange County" has become at the center of one of the RHOC's biggest controversies. (Image via Bravo)

"She really had nothing to say about the differences between the report [from Shannon]," added the source.

Tamra Judge previously played the role of go-between by looking at a medical report Ayers gave her. Tamra was supposed to tell the other RHOC cast members that it confirmed his disease. But instead of ending the drama, it accelerated it.

As for how the other Real Housewives of Orange County cast members reacted at the reunion to the report from Beador, the response was instant, said the insider.

"[The cast] pounced on Shannon's claims," revealed the source. "Tamra felt betrayed... and [set] up to lie for her. Heather Dubrow was especially disgusted [that he]... lied."

Heather Dubrow expressed her dismay at the RHOC brouhaha
Heather Dubrow expressed her dismay at the RHOC brouhaha. (Image via Bravo TV)

But Beador has been hurt, and she made it clear. Although the controversy over whether the claims of Gunvalson's ex-boyfriend were fake or real took center stage, Shannon and David Beador and their marriage struggles served as a secondary plot throughout RHOC Season 10. And when Shannon viewed Gunvalson on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Beador became even more inflamed with anger, according to Reality Tea.

Shannon went on Facebook after the RHOC star's appearance. She was furious not only at her former friend, but Beador also attacked Andy Cohen for failing to ask tough questions.

"I texted a comment to Andy. On the day of the baptism, Vicki didn't know that I had told Heather and Tamra[about the affair]. She found out after the baptism. The day after the baptism, she called Tamra and said, 'I was the only one who knew about the infidelity.'Tamra said, 'Actually, no. Shannon told us on the last day of filming, before the baptism.' She can eff off. She's a freaking liar."

With regard to the RHOC reunion, Shannon also revealed that much will be unveiled. However, she expressed concern that some parts of the filming, which Beador said took 19 hours, will be cut from the final reunion episode.

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