Anna Duggar Furious At Michelle, Thinks Duggars Are In Denial

Anna Duggar is dealing with a lot after the recent reveal of her husband Josh’s cheating ways. Now sources are saying that she is having issues with her in-laws and Anna is furious at Michelle Duggar. At this time, Anna is staying in Florida with her parents, but according to Hollywood Life a recent blog post from Michelle has Anna really upset. This post made it sound like Anna didn’t take care of her husband sexually and this might have been the reason that he was cheating. Michelle didn’t exactly say that, but the timing made it seem that way.

A source is now speaking out and saying that Anna is really upset after this blog post went up. The source shared with Hollywood Life.

“At first Anna blamed herself for Josh’s wandering eye, but now that’s she been away from him and has been getting support from her own family, she’s starting to realize that she is NOT to blame. In fact, she’s gone from feeling sad to angry. And adding fuel to the flame, is Michelle’s recent sex advice. Anna thinks her words are a direct aim at her and they are passive aggressive and hurtful.”

The source, who did not want to be named, went on to explain that Anna Duggar thinks that Josh’s parents didn’t get him the help he needed when he sexually molested his sisters years ago. The source also shared that Anna feels like his family is in denial about all of the issues. At this time, Josh Duggar is in rehab getting assistance for his problems. The source went on to say that Anna was there for Josh in every way even if she was exhausted.

Michelle Duggar’s blog might have taken things a bit too far. It explained that anyone can take care of your husband’s ironing, but only the wife can take care of them in the bedroom. The blog never mentioned Anna Duggar at all, but it was just shared on the Duggar Family Blog not long after Anna’s husband Josh cheated on her. The timing is what has so many people wondering what Michelle was thinking by posting this blog. Now it sounds like Anna took it that way too.

At this time, various sources are speaking out to the press about Anna Duggar and how she is doing. So far, Anna is staying quiet and not talking to the press at all. Since 19 Kids and Counting has been canceled, Anna may never be seen on television again, and if she doesn’t want to speak out, then she has every single right to stay quiet about what is going on in her life now. The upcoming TLC specials about Jill and Jessa Duggar will not have Josh in them, so more than likely they will keep Anna off of these upcoming specials as well.

Us Magazine recently shared that cousin Amy Duggar is speaking to Anna and says that she is very strong. Amy shared that she wouldn’t be handling it the same way as Anna and that she is actually doing well. It is great news to hear that despite raising four kids on her own, Anna Duggar is doing well. It does sound like Anna is very upset with her in-laws, but she isn’t going to let that hold her back.

Do you think that Anna and Josh Duggar will stay together once he is out of rehab? Will Anna ever be able to forgive her in-laws for all of the things that have happened since Josh headed to rehab? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Andrew Burton/Getty Images]