‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Josslyn Jacks Gets A New Face, And A New Character Arrives In Port Charles

It looks like General Hospital is getting a couple of fresh faces coming to Port Charles. The ABC soap has just enlisted Miss Alabama 2014, Jesica Ahlberg, to portray a brand new character. In addition, Eden McCoy has been cast as the new Josslyn Jacks, replacing Hannah Nordberg who left the show to take on other projects.

McCoy is an older version of Jax and Carly’s spunky daughter. The previous young actress did an excellent job portraying Josslyn Jacks. She has been off the radar on General Hospital for quite a long time, and now that her mom is about to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos again, it is time for her to come back for the nuptials. According to We Love Soaps, the actress is slated to make her debut on Wednesday, October 14.

Now that Josslyn is back in the picture, how will she take to being the mobster’s stepdaughter? She wasn’t too keen on having Franco as her new dad, but she has known Sonny her whole life. However, she is definitely a handful and as a teen now, she will be giving her mom even more headaches. Yes, General Hospital is apparently “SORASing” this character into a teenager. SORAS means soap opera rapid aging syndrome and it is a common occurrence on daytime dramas.

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Eden McCoy is especially thrilled to have gotten this role. She took to her Facebook to share her excitement with GH fans.

“I still can’t believe it but please watch me as Josslyn Jacks in my first episode of General Hospital on ABC Wednesday ���� – very grateful to be a part of this amazing cast and show – much more to come – i love my GH family already ��”

In addition to the new recast of Josslyn Jacks, a brand new character is being introduced on the October 19 episode of General Hospital. According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Jesica Ahlberg will make her debut as college student Darby, who supposedly befriends lovebirds Molly and TJ.

The beauty pageant winner has played in movies such as The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water and Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip. She has also been seen in episodes of Banshee and Necessary Roughness.

Jesica Ahlberg (Twitter)

It will be interesting to have a new character for viewers to get to know. Other than Molly and TJ, there are no other young people on General Hospital. Back in the ’90s, there were quite a few younger ones such as Jason Quartermaine, Jagger Cates, Karen Wexler, Robin Scorpio, and Brenda Barrett who all hung out together at one time or another. These days the young ones are hard to come by.

Who is Darby? There are not many details on this character other than she hangs around with Molly and TJ. There is some speculation that she may be a rival for TJ’s affections. Or maybe she will set her sights on someone else in Port Charles.

Ahlberg is also excited about her new role on General Hospital. She posted a thank you message to everyone for all of the love that was extended to her after the official announcement had been made.

“Thanks for all the love! I’m thrilled to be playing Darby on @GeneralHospital. I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do.”

Hopefully, the character of Darby will have some depth to her. The new writers could have her tied to one of the families in Port Charles. As for Josslyn Jacks, it will be fun to see what kind of new twists Eden McCoy can bring to her new role.

What do you think of these two new General Hospital actresses?

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