Vicki Gunvalson Denies Lying About Brooks Ayers’ Cancer, Maintains She Did Not Betray Shannon Beador And That She Has Not Lost Daughter Briana

On Monday, prior to the airing of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 finale episode, Vicki Gunvalson posted a photo of herself and the rest of the cast members at Tamra Judge’s baptism party. While the photo shows all of the women smiling and standing close to one another, viewers saw that the baptism party was anything but friendly and happy the entire way through.


Vicki’s caption for the photo expressed relief that Season 10 is over. She called the season “messed up,” and said that she’s happy that it’s over and she can go back to a normal and peaceful life.

“Season 10 is finally a wrap! Wow, what a messed up season on so many levels. I’m happy it’s over and can regain normalcy and peace.”

Much of the season centered around the housewives’ questioning of Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis. In particular, new cast member Meghan King Edmonds believed that Brooks was lying about having cancer, and that Vicki was helping him hide the lie. In an attempt to prove them wrong and reveal the truth, Meghan went so far as calling the medical offices that Brooks said he received services/treatment from and calling one of his ex-girlfriends, who said that he lied about having cancer in the past.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Meghan wrote in her latest blog post that Vicki is in on the cancer lie. Meghan speculated that Vicki and Brooks lied about him having cancer to get public sympathy.

Some viewers believe Meghan King Edmonds. At least two people left comments to Vicki’s photo that criticized Vicki for lying about Brooks’ having cancer, and thus making a mockery of those who have really had to deal with cancer. Vicki denied that she lied with Brooks about him having cancer. She called that claim “ridiculous.”

“I have never been in on any lies about Brooks health… I am nor was I ever on a lie about Brooks cancer. That is ridiculous.”

Vicki Gunvalson also denied that she betrayed Shannon Beador’s trust. In response to a viewer who left a comment that she betrayed Shannon, Vicki explained why she told Shannon’s big secret to someone. Vicki explained that her brother’s girlfriend, Ronda, asked what the cast members filmed, and so she told her each person’s story line. Vicki added that the other housewives knew about David’s cheating by the time the finale episode filmed, anyways.

“I actually did not betray her. My brothers GF asked what we filmed this year and I told her what each castmember filmed. The ladies had already knew by the time the finale was filmed.”

The finale episode was certainly an explosive one. At Tamra’s baptism party, Shannon exploded at Vicki after it was revealed that Vicki had told someone not even close to her that David Beador had cheated on her. Feeling the need to defend Vicki after Vicki presumably told her about Shannon’s “betrayal,” Ronda, after Shannon said that she has been there for Vicki, told Shannon that Vicki didn’t ask see to see the records when she thought that her husband was cheating on her.

At that moment, an infuriated Shannon marched over to Vicki, grabbed her arm, and lashed out at her.

“Vicki, thank you so much for being a true friend and not telling anybody my secrets because your friend just said a lot of stuff about my past! That you would tell her what’s going on in my life, thank you! Thank you! You’re such a great friend!”

As the Inquisitr reported, Shannon Beador explained on Monday night that she was angry at Vicki for telling someone about David’s cheating, because she had told her that secret in confidence and Vicki had promised to never betray her. Shannon explained that at the time of filming, Vicki did not know that anyone else knew about David’s cheating. As for Vicki’s claim that it was no big deal since Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow already knew about the cheating, Shannon says Vicki didn’t know that until several days after the baptism party. Shannon further explained that at the time of filming the finale, she and David were not yet ready for everyone to know about the cheating.

Vicki also received comments stating that she doesn’t make her children a priority and has lost her family due to her need for a man, even a man like Brooks, in her life.

“My children do come first!… I have not lost my family! We are strong.”

During the finale episode, Tamra Judge tried to explain to Vicki exactly why she and the others keep questioning Brooks’ cancer diagnoses, pointing out that even Vicki’s own daughter, Briana Culberson, has said that Brooks lied about having cancer in the past. Vicki called Briana a “s**t stirrer.”

“Briana is a s*** stirrer so she wants to do whatever she can to destroy Brooks’ image.”

Vicki spent a few days with Briana and her two sons in late September. The happy family vacation included a trip to Disneyland. Did Vicki tell Briana about calling her a “s**t stirrer” prior to the episode airing on Monday night?

Will viewers see Vicki Gunvalson successfully defend herself on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show? In response to someone who left a comment stating it’s indefensible that Vicki is lying about cancer, Vicki stays strong, Vicki told that person to stay tuned because the truth is revealed.

“Stay tuned. Truth is revealed.”

[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]